FIFA 20 – Real Madrid Career Mode #6: vs. Celta de Vigo

Check out this brand new series of FIFA 20 gameplay videos of the Real Madrid Career Mode by Beatdown Gaming on PS4. In this match we take on Celta de Vigo away in La Liga!

⏪ Real Madrid Career Mode #5:
⏩ Real Madrid Career Mode #7:

🎤 Post-Match Press Conference:

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15 comentarios

  1. The start of the season! 🔥🙌 Do you think we'll finish above FC Barcelona in LaLiga? 👀🤔

  2. Will you sign Sadio Mane in your team

  3. Mbappe 11 number !!! Please !!!!

  4. Are you a boy?The manager is a boy,is it you?

  5. (I’m a Hong Kong people so my YouTube name has Cantonese.

  6. 10:09,10:10,is this your hand?
    (This question for beatdown gaming.)

  7. You forgot add commentary to spanish maybe avord barca catalang giant add world class diffuclty please.

  8. El real Madrid es el mejor no para de ganar

  9. Real Madrid -Villarreal in commentarys in spanish please

  10. Why the fuck is Hazard playing RW ?

  11. 👉Career mod As Roma please👈👌✊💪☺

  12. There is a La Liga bug in the beginning of the game where you can't see the pitch beacuse of a players profile … anyone else have this shit ?

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