CAVANI IS BETTER THAN KANE! Man Utd fan calls talkSPORT to dismiss Tottenham striker!

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31 comentarios

  1. half the video went for "It’s Karan not Karan " ffs

  2. I like harry but Alan shearer

  3. looool… i love these type of calls. typical man u fan

  4. Who is this guy Karan 😂😂😂 know nothing for real is he 16 about 34 🤔

  5. Aguero is better simple!

  6. Definitely a man united player, only "they" can sound this stupid

  7. Karan just by the way hes talking I can tell hes from a south Asian community

  8. That Caller is not wrong Cavani is better than Kane ! I would say prime Cavani was better than Kane . 1, Kane is a late bloomer as a result he was loaned out over and over then he finally got a break . Cavani was scoring for fun in Europa league for Palermo and Champions league for Napoli

  9. I'm not exaggerating but they're 100x better than Kane because they've won 100x more trophies.

  10. I mean he isn’t better than aguero and lewandowski tbf

  11. Kane better than Aguero? That's a stretch. Kane is excellent but Aguero is better, he's incredible.

  12. Jason 17 year old more like 6

  13. As a Utd fan, I need to apologize.

  14. I actually think the caller has a point

  15. Karan is speaking facts

  16. To be fair, Koran should have set up better parameters for his argument. However, the reason they say Kane is better than Sergio is because he’s English. That is the way of the English. This was the case with Beckham, Rooney, Wilshere, etc. 🙄 If players like Sergio and Ilkay were English, the English would be holding them up as they do Kane and Foden, calling them the best players in the world. 🙄 That said, the way that the English hold up and admire their own talent is admirable.

  17. Harry kane is only seen as world class by the biased British media. Hes not talked about around the world. This lad is spot on. Apart from the cavani shout

  18. Karen's on a wind up surely

  19. This kids is a person with no brain

  20. Nah shearer was a better goal scorer than kane i wouldnt pick kane over shearer in no debate

  21. Nothing harry kane cannot do lol he cannot run he doesnt have pace

  22. I agree aguero is better than kane and lewandowski is better than kane also tbh.Hes a very good player but exceptional nah that is lewandowski and aguero in his prime.suarez was better also in is prime

  23. Cavani is better than kane! I think so too.

  24. he didnt even know his own name let alone anything else

  25. This lad needs to go watch volleyball or some shit

  26. Cavani better than Kane? Ha Ha Ha Ha…… To his credit the caller is correct that Aguero is better than Kane, if Aguero could keep fit he'd win the golden boot every season, he's a goal machine…..

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