RAMSDALE TO ARSENAL FOR £30M!? Alex Crook's transfer updates from Chelsea, Man United, Spurs & more!

Alex Crook’s transfer updates from Chelsea, Man United, Spurs & more!

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38 comentarios

  1. Ramsdale is the perfect fit for Arsenal .I think £35-40m will get it over the line by the weekend as personal terms have been agreed

  2. £30 mill, lol. Meslier was bargain of the decade. (For a keeper). Only £5.85 mill unless Leeds gets into Europe he won’t be there long.

  3. Leno is a liability & needs to go. Casilla @ Leeds was a liability, got banned for racism then when Meslier was injured & he got to play in last few games, he had form of his life, & was 🔥. Thought Leeds May back down & keep after that, but no bielsa stuck to his guns & rightly so. All Casilla did was improve his value. A tiny bit. Leno is almost as bad as Kiko. He’s a liability, is unreliable, inconsistent, makes stupid school boy errors & needs kicking to the kerb. There’s been rumours of Arsenal getting rid of him for months. 9 first team players were meant to be going, along with several youngsters, & fringe squad members.

  4. @ALEXCROOKS, Tottenham fullback Doherty

    NOT Dur-hur-ty

  5. Ramsdale is s***e, so perfect for Arsenal

  6. Arteta must see some potential in this fella otherwise the interest wouldn't of continued!

    I do believe its imperative for Arsenal to have 2 solid goalkeepers!

  7. Thanks again Gunners, we love Emi.

  8. Man U want Neves….are they just trying to buy the league? Need to buy a decent manager! Also they don't need a CM…they have Van de Beek they ignored for a whole season!!!

  9. Haha 30 million for a Bloke who couldnt catch cold !!

  10. Why would u spend that much on a back up goalkeeper where's the logic in that when money is tight , arsenal don't make no sense

  11. Aston villa are doing the right things for the second season in a row I can't wait to see grealish staying with villa ….. they will be a very good side pushing for European places

  12. How are Arsenal pissing off their fans a month before a ball has even been kicked🤣😭

  13. 🤡 show

    Emi was clearly NO1

    Fans are fuming 😤

    Arteta is a joke , can’t see the basic … and keeps investing in 💩

  14. This is awful. Guys worse than Leno. Wouldn't pay £10 for him let alone 30mil

  15. I said it at the time and people were laughing their nutts off. Emi will be one of the biggest ever Arsenal transfer mistakes. The boy is world class and we are stuck with mediocre Leno

  16. Tammy is a good one to gamble on for a lot of teams. I would like to see what Klopp could do with him.

  17. Bailey has quality but I question his consistency and sometimes lack of desire and effort, seen him being left at the bench in Leverkusen a few times because of that, he has the abilities to thrive in the PL but there’s questions marks about performing consistently

  18. No! NO! NOOOOOOO! We don't want Ramsdale, even for £3m, never mind £30!!!

  19. Jim White not knowing who Leon Bailey is means I will never listen to any of his football opinions. Not that I have been that interested in the past

  20. 30mil for Ramsdale??? What are they smoking at my club? The banter era continues

  21. Ramsdale makes no sence, Sam Johnson is a better keeper and if not why not go for someone like Sergio Romero, everyone knows he was leaving United for nothing, he is a world cup finalist, is PL proven and is such a good goal keeper.

  22. ramsdale for 30mill would be the biggest waste of money

  23. Ramsdale captain titanic last two teams relegated…oh dear bad move Arsenal.

  24. Just love Simon sitting there making face gestures throughout the final presentation and drinking from that water bottle 😃😂🤣👍🏻

  25. No to Ramsdale…

  26. The reason all these English players are overpriced is because of the homegrown rule, not because Ramsdale is a better keeper than Martinez and not because White is better than Varane. Arsenal are investing wisely.

  27. Yeah I’ve heard of him…. Changing subject immediately.

  28. No way. We sold Martinez who is brilliant for £20 mill so if we buy ramsdale for £30 mill then we are bigger mugs than we already are. Joke club

  29. £80m for White & Ramsdale? Whoever's negotiating for Arsenal needs to be sacked.

  30. This club is past the point of a joke now

  31. Why are all live chats gone????
    Is this North Korea??

  32. Leon Bailey to Aston Villa could be the signing of the summer. He’s fucking electric. And £30m could be a steal

  33. Should buy Hibernian keeper for 2 million, he is better than Ramsdale!

  34. Leon Bailey looking set to join Villa for 30million and the headline is about Ramsdale joining Arsenal loool nobody cares

  35. Arsenal, the world's worst run football club, we'll no doubt be selling him for 10 mil in a couple of yrs

  36. Imagine spending £80 million on White and Ramsdale!!!! Absolutely Hilarious.

  37. tammy is not worth 10 million

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