Welcome back W Squad 💙 In today’s video, we took part in an EPIC Olympic themed swimming pool challenge, in partnership with Frubes. Find out who wins our Moments of Gold Olympic Challenge here: 🔥


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41 comentarios

  1. What website were the yeezys off!? They do look 🔥🔥🥶

  2. Every video I’m here. Makes me smile every time

  3. Wow this was rlly good

  4. Also what year is amily

  5. Hello love your videos and very creative

  6. This place is amazing 100% go again

  7. Think it has to be f3 soon

  8. God bless spread the gospel

  9. And I wish I had a garden like you

  10. I love your football you are amazing

  11. Billy and Kate are one of the best parents in the world!. The Wingroves are the best!❤️

  12. These videos are very entertaining ❤️😊

  13. I did the kilo challenge 2 years ago and I got 20 seconds

  14. God bless you guys for keeping us all entertained

  15. Have the dogs eaten the hamster yet!

  16. I ❤️ The Wingroves, they make videos out of stuff I didn’t ever think was possible.
    The people who dislike are crazy. How can anyone not like The Wingroves!!!!!!

  17. I can tell that Roman
    Has a lot of energy

  18. They are all so cute and I love how Amelie is going to prom!! I wish her the best and I hope Roman does go into the F2 🤣

  19. I’ve watched this video 10 times already

  20. Billy looks like he is the best dad ever

  21. Billy is so funny he should be a comedian be safe god bless

  22. I love you guys you are the best you tubers I have ever seen and I am subscribed to F2 and the wingroves love you all😊

  23. Roman is definitely like Billy with Roman’s bottle flip!! Love you guys!! ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  24. I must say wingroves are one of the best family in the World

  25. Love your work, Great job Wingroves

  26. Put roman on f2 with jezza and Billy it will be insane

  27. Billy what a gentleman just what a family man he is we all love you

  28. Billy is the next Olympic gold medalist

  29. Billy is so funny😂😂😂

  30. Bill looks like Real Madrid beckham

  31. Amazing video guys thanks for the content ⚽❤️⚡

  32. BILLY i jusf forgot how you play football seeing activities on this one🤣dont stop bro full support😍

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