The transfer window is up and running and for us Newcastle United fans it’s a very exciting time given what we have been used to in previous years.

Kieron Trippier certainly looks like the first player who will come in through the door with the player himself looking like he was saying his goodbyes to the Athletico Madrid fans after the game yesterday.

What is becoming very clear is that we are going to be linked with a lot of players in the coming weeks.

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  1. Brian Keenan

    £40m is not a drop in the ocean. The issue is not what Newcastle can afford, it's what we can spend due to fair play restrictions. Unfortunately this is not going to be a case of throwing ridiculous cash around. We still need to be financially sensible or this is going to explode in our faces really quickly

  2. real chance

    Listen to you “just finish his career at Newcastle” says who? What you? Dude stfu you are embarrassing me as a Newcastle fan

  3. real chance

    Paul chatting shit as usual, oh mate no ones signed for Newcastle not a single , solitary player ma man so enough of the same shit videos one after another . Let me know when you actually got some news instead of your terrible speculation .I hope he goes to Chelsea now or somewhere else cause we can all blame you for jinxing the fall through ….

  4. Audrey Hall

    Pointless speculation
    Cant celebrate anyone until they are having their picture taken with a toon top on
    Anything else is pue speculation

  5. Simon Dixon

    I interpreted Amandas statement of a lot of hard work had been done preparing for the Jan transfer window as the ground work is already done for these deals to be finalized not they are just starting to chase these players now ( hope I am right ) as we all know the media never know what Amanda is doing they just throw sh1t at the wall and hope something sticks .

    Remember how on the ball these so experts where when the take over happened it was practically finished .

    Amanda doesn't do her business through the media and that for me is how NUFC matters should be handled why do you think they posted that rotten story about how she looks they just want to have a go at her because she treats them like something she's scraped of her shoe .

    Wouldn't be surprised if a few names turn up at SJP we never saw coming ! Great times ahead .

  6. Geordie9

    Aubameyang can still be a brilliant striker and I think a loan move up here would be good for us and him, Trippier is a brilliant first signing and I’d look at tarkowski over that Botman for now with his experience then maybe go for Botman for next season

  7. Karma King

    Geordie ask yourself honest .Is Newcastle a culturally friendly place ? I remember the National Front used to have a big presence . Newcastle fans apprehensive about Aubameyang , why ?
    To me Newcastle is too small a city for a top player to breath .

  8. paul stones

    Everton signed someone as soon as it opened barca agreed everything with City before the window had opened if the owners were smart everything should of been discussed weeks ago and have them all signed once the window opened

  9. Teddy Sheckler

    Really hope we go in for Digne while he’s out of favour at Everton. Great signing if Trippier definitely does come! Onwards and upwards!

  10. Paul Hodgson

    Sa Newcastle is the richest club now, how will we stand if out new owners buy Inter Malan and a French team soon? How dose that dampen us. And would it mean we can inter stop player's if we are owned my one owner? What do you think on this matter.

  11. Ana Ta

    Wrong strategy in buying players! Newcastle need to put bid on top players in PL and other countries and go publicly about offered salary. For example, put bid for Diaz, Rudiger, Lukaku, Rashford, etc. Chelsea started this way, ManC copied it. For example, Chelsea put bid for Henry, Gerrard, Messi, etc. Next step is to bid for executives in top clubs.

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