Transfer Window Rumour Mill Special.

Join me and a host of guests for a special opening day of the transfer window rumour mill special show.

Literally hundreds of players have been linked with Newcastle United since the takeover, some sensible, some ludicrous. However strange some of the names that have been linked we know how much Newcastle need to strengthen in order to escape the Premier League relegation zone.

Certainly for Newcastle United fans this is like a second Christmas as we have never looked forward to a transfer window for 14 years but now Ashley has gone, the new owners have said they’ve been preparing for this window for a while so on the show we will be looking at those possible signings.

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  1. Acas Acas

    IF we stay up, need to get rid of Wilson and Maxi, especially Wilson. Good player but you can't have a forward playing only a fifth of our games. He's a joke and a " luxury " we don't need. Same with Ramsey, waste of space and ALWAYS injured. Can our new signing please payore than half our games. Our injured forwards are a joke.

  2. Gary Fairbairn

    If only we can turn those draws into wins in the second half of the season and pick up points elsewhere then we should be competitive enough to stay up 🙂

  3. Ana Ta

    The next game is absolutely key! If you don’t win, you are a toast. What is odd for winning own goal by Trippier?

  4. Carramona

    The argument of “is he better than what we’ve got” is a false one. Every player we are linked with is better than what we’ve got. The real question is is he the best option available. You’re not going to sign 10 players. There’s only so many squad spots available and you have to consider FFP. You can’t spend whatever you want and the whole squad needs redoing. If 200 million is the limit, that’s 18 million per player for a full 11. That’s not much so Newcastle have to be bang on with how they spend their money.

  5. Ji E

    Newcastle should go for Suarez, Lindelöf, Ceballos, Trippier, Belotti and some GK. Don´t go crazy now and wait until summer when you can go for the top!

  6. Paul Smith

    No Chance Of Signing Conner Coady From Wolves , If Newcastle Stay In The Premier League , Then Maybe Something Can Be Done In The Summer …..

  7. Jettster4000

    I do think the criticism of Willock has been rather harsh. He’s still young and needed to play in a new system under Howe. I think a short-term loan for Gini could help Willock and take some pressure off

  8. Andrew Walters

    Leeds had a HUGe win for Toon today beating Burnley
    Trippier needs to be the first player in ASAP it will start window off
    I pray to God Aubu is not coming in

  9. Craig McCavanagh

    Dembele no, he's lazy and unreliable, a poor finisher/1 trick pony and won't be able to put up with the physicality and conditions of the PL

  10. Darren Walton

    I'll make a prediction that Eddie Howe won't be Newcastle manager come the end of next season!!!!even though I think it's a MISTAKE TO DO SO

  11. Darren Walton

    Genie would be an AMAZING signing for you even if it is on loan, I just wonder if he'll go Newcastle after leaving liverpool 6 months ago I'm not to sure

  12. Ketsbaia9

    Ramsey is worse than Shelvey. Too slow and not positive enough. Would be a waste of money as he's always injured. Ross Barkley on loan would be a better signing. Should be looking at players like Boubacar Kamara, Milinkovic-Savic, Ibrahima Sissoko and Coutinho.

  13. John Crawford

    If where gonna pay decent money why pay for players that's over the hill for much better players in the world that's younger

  14. Ketsbaia9

    Trippier isn't an upgrade on manquillo in my opinion. Both slow and weak. Yedlin shouldn't have been sold. He was the best right back.

  15. Ketsbaia9

    Don't want Wijnaldum back. Not good enough. Was poor in our relegation season. Doesn't get involved in the games enough. I'd take Moussa Sissoko, Diame, Merino, Abeid and Thauvin back though. They were decent players. Trippier is a waste of money. £31m for a 31 year old is a joke. We can get Tariq Lamptey and Kevin Mbabu for that price. They're better and younger. Botman would be a poor signing too. Too slow and hasn't had any caps for the Dutch.

  16. John Crawford

    In my opinion Williock will excell with a few stronger new team mates we don't need gini he left when we needed him Williock will have a free reign to do what he wants yeah gini played for better teams than willocks played for a team that's struggled

  17. Toon Barmy

    Still dont care much for Gini myself and comparing him to Willock is a bit daft in my opinion. Gini has been slotting into a team that holds much greater possession than the Toon and its fair to say the opposition teams are much more likely to be on the back foot giving Gini much greater space and time to pick off easy passes ect..Cant see how making the comparison is helpful and the fact he has not bettered in stats the shots ratio makes me less impressed…

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