22 comentarios en “Arrogant & Antagonistic Man Utd fans silenced by outstanding Newcastle United! Ronaldo neutralised!

  1. Michael Taylor

    As a Geordie living in China, discovering your channel has been a god send. Unable to get home for close to two years due to covid these videos help alleviate home sickness. Love the day to day glimpses into life in the toon. Keep up the good work! Cheers.

  2. RRH25

    They are the worst fans in the country. Most are not from Manchester. Anyone from Manchester knows who real mancs support.

  3. MagirusDeutz Jupiter

    Man Utd fan since about 1970 time, I do not like trouble, I never hate any one, love a good discussion about footy, and the Utd troublesome lot there will grow up one day, they seemed like mostly young ones being STUPID .Newcastle is an amazing friendly place as the whole world knows, and wish the club success they deserve.


    And Newcastle fans aren't Arrogant ?? The many I have met over the last 40 years on my travels you would think no other club existed !!

  5. wokabokaloka

    They did this last time their fans were here in Tyneside, news spread and they got a hiding after the game. I think there's videos of that on YouTube also. Funny think they are hard as nails but always end up battered.

  6. Fitz Jon

    im a Man Utd fan worked with a lot of Geordie's all over Europe they are fantastic people salt of the Earth hope you Guy's stay up

  7. geordie sadowitz

    Good video, you always get small pockets of away fans looking for trouble. Doesnt look like these were. Just seemed like they were supporting their team. Maybe like us singing the Ronaldo SO song. Just banter in my eyes. Anyone who turns it into violence is the problem in my eyes

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