41 comentarios en “Newcastle United 1 Leeds United 1 | Premier League Highlights

  1. Samm ***

    Come on bruh….. Did I just see players setting up screens in a football game? And boy did it carve out Saint Maximan's goal

  2. David Stanton

    Need a new manager asap. We actually have the beginnings of a solid squad, Bruce will never get anything out of those lads though. If we must endure Ashley any longer, at least give us someone who knows what they're doing.

  3. S

    Newcastle fans should be ashamed of themselves for their chants against Bruce for the entire game. They are bunch of negative group of people who can't even provide good environment for the club and team.
    These fans makes this club hollow and ofcoarse because of them they also have a hollow owner.
    WTF yall, you think sacking Bruce will magically make you into top 4 where you can't even appreciate what Bruce is doing for your pathetic condition?
    No quality manager wants to manage Newcastle right now, the last man is Steve Bruce who is doing his best and you yall stopping him.
    Very sick and negative Newcastle fans, and that is how yall been your whole life. Change yourself, you will see improvement in the club.

  4. Jack Dunphy

    I think im the only member of the Toon army who this ASM is a liability.
    The reaction of the other players when ASM scored tells a story in its own right… only two players came across to celebrate with him.

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