Newcastle United's January Transfer Window Dilemma

It has been an unusual season for Newcastle United fans, who have had plenty to celebrate off the pitch, with Mike Ashley’s departure, but not so much on the pitch, where they have one just one game all season.

That leaves the Magpies in real threat of being relegated from the Premier League going into their first transfer window since their takeover by Saudi Arabia’s PIF, Amanda Staveley, and the Reuben Brothers.

So in this video, HITC Sevens takes a look at a pretty major dilemma that Newcastle face going into the January transfer window, in terms of how much they spend, where they spend it, and who gets to call the shots.

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43 comentarios en “Newcastle United's January Transfer Window Dilemma

  1. Charlie Sutton

    30 min video essay that is already proven to be ridiculous and informed by envy just one month later.

    Stick to making snarky references to your self congratulatory world view Alfie. Its all you're good at.

  2. Archie W

    I liked this channel until you started having a pure hatred for my club, your a wanker, people who are crying on like you are funny as owt to laugh at, our fans are unmatched and are so fucking deserved of this, so keep crying mate, and watch us get to where we deserve to be

  3. Helvete

    Nah the Newcastle fans have sold out to the murderers. They'll wait for potential success. They are desperate. They won't turn on the Saudi Royal Family Sportswashing project.

  4. J Din

    Just get 6 good players, sell the same amount. That should change things. Dont spend 6 players worth on a single player. Not right now. The risk of relegation is still real even if you get Haaland.

  5. Tanmay Marathe

    I know we shouldn't judge someone from their face.But the woman on the Thumbnail looks like Airona from Richie Rich 💀

  6. Richard Beck

    They need to strengthen but should stay clear of marquee signings as they will end up paying to much and too high on wages. Really they need to look at teams who are struggling financially like a lot of French teams and some of the championship teams. Billing, Brereton, and solanke, all depending on how much they cost. I know people will probably say they are resigned to getting relegation but it is the lowest risk strategy as they possibly won't have to pay as much on transfer fees or wages and if they was to get relegated they have players that are proven championship players.

  7. Mark Collins

    Cant listen to this bloke…….the intonation in his voice drives me mad!!!!! Thinks he sounds clever I'm sure but WHY OH WHY does every single sentence taper off so you can hardly hear the final word!!!!!!!

  8. targetthyself

    I don't think you quite understand how much money these guys have. Wage inflation means absolutely nothing, these guys are worth more than most countries. 100x what the Qataris are worth.

  9. Sandro Filipe

    I'm looking forward to see the role of the saudi regime at the club,what is the real endgame for this move,not forgeting how saudi regime runs his own country,are they really just gonna dump money at a club and sit back!?they have all the money in the world,why dump money on football and have no control especially from a country dominated by that control.

  10. Zaft Is Me

    Howe has had a great impact on this squad. Unfair to say he hasn't. Results haven't been there yet but the players are doing better for the most part tbh

  11. Amen Heavy

    They will spend big and be absolutely fine. We’ve seen many teams go on a run to avoid relegation without the budget Newcastle will have

  12. Brett Carman

    You need to do a video about Norwich City despite being dominant season after season in the championship.

    What's going wrong in the Premier League.

    Owners,transfers,injury hit seasons and just a lack of ambition at the higher level.

    Shopping in Aldi when others are spending in MS.

  13. Neil Burns

    £200 million sounds like a reasonable amount for a transfer budget but remember that is over a 3 year period.

    I am sure that Eddie Howe will be expected to trim his squad of those players who he feels don't really meet with his requirements.

    Eddie Howe has managed Bournemouth and Burnley in the past so isn't really a complete novice when it comes to the English transfer market.

    Howe I am sure will look to make a few reasonable additions to his squad but it's important that the improvement of his Newcastle United squad is a gradual process and that he doesn't really rush out and make any panic buys.

  14. Neil Burns

    You do have a few players who are at London clubs or more fashionable European clubs who are maybe unwilling or who's partners refuse to move to the North of England. One example of this was Oliver Giroud who played for Arsenal and Chelsea.

    There were rumours that he might sign for either Everton or Newcastle but it later emerged that Mrs Giroud was a bit fussy and refused to entertain a move to either Merseyside or Tyneside.

    The thing I would say is that the player concerned needs to make it known pretty early on if he really doesn't want to play or live in Tyneside.

    That way the club can then get on with trying to sign players who actually do want to play for Newcastle United & who don't have any issues about relocating to the NE of England.

    The way I look at it is that all areas have their own pros and cons but you should probably not go around with preconceived ideas about an area especially without having done your homework first because otherwise it is rather insensitive and very insulting to the people of the area.

  15. Czilla760

    This guy spent 30 mins talking about something that was covered by tifo in about 10 mins. Amazingly drawn out for no reason

  16. Edward V

    They don't really need to do anything in the transfer window. If MBS does what he does best and simply has a few star players of the opposing team killed before every game, I'm sure they'll scramble together enough points to survive.

  17. Benjamin Keller

    Consider lending an army of Chelsea & ManU player. That way they canStay up just for now and then get a few free agents in the summer


    Even if Newcastle United wont have a greadt January this idea cust make the January better for the channel:

    Day 5: Top 7 football clubs that have similar logos (FC Barcelona and Consolat Marseille, Benfica Lisbon and Hamm Benfica)

  19. Tom Packham

    Only 3 points away from safety is hardly relegation certainty. Accepted the December run in is thought but look at Leeds’. A few additions in January and it’s not as dire as you make out. Should we go down it’s a much more optimistic outlook than with Bruce and Ashley at the helm

  20. Gary Malin

    Take it u don't like newcastle united or there new owners??? And seems like ur just reporting fake news on possible transfers and what ifs owt of the normal southen news outlets. That don't come from the club but for player agents who are trying to get deals for shot players who probley arnt good enough for Newcastle anyway. Cr*p video won't be subscribing or leaving a like .

  21. איתן שי

    You are forgetting 1 very important factor…
    If Newcastle buys Barcelona rejects like Coutinho and Puig they will fly high

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