How to Avoid the Timeshare Rip Off

If you receive a call from a telemarketer asking for an upfront fee to start selling your timeshare, there’s a good chance you’re looking at a timeshare scam. The Florida Attorney General’s Office has gotten 7,325 complaints regarding timeshare resale companies since 2007.

The operators of the scam prey on victims desperate to unload their timeshares. Owners who realize the resale market is nearly nonexistent are desperate to unload their timeshare. It usually turns on greed. When a timeshare owner receives a call from someone who claims that they have a buyer willing to pay $30,000 for their timeshare, the owner is ecstatic, and follows the callers list of commands.

The timeshare scammers usually ask for a simple fee, somewhere around $1,000, to complete the transaction. They ask for a simple credit card number, promising huge dividends compared to the paltry down payment. Much to the dismay of the timeshare owner, the only compensation they receive is a busted bank account. By the time owners are aware of the scam, credit card companies inform them they are too late.

The surest way to avoid these scams is to not take unsolicited calls regarding the sale of your timeshare. As with anything involving a major transaction, do the homework. Ask about the company’s name, background, a phone number, and more information. Usually they will persist in offering the same deal, without answering any of your questions. A sure sign of a timeshare scam is their unwillingness to provide additional information. And don’t give your credit card information over the phone unless you are 100% secure in the transaction.

Timeshares have benefits, but there are a large number of problems with them. Don’t be caught in a timeshare scam. If you have been fooled by one too many scams, contact Timeshare Relief to get the peace of mind from your timeshare that you deserve.

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