Newcastle United: The Next Great Football Dynasty?

Newcastle United have recently undergone a change in ownership.

The takeover has made them potentially the richest football club in the entire world and has left many feeling that we could see a Manchester City/Chelsea situation in the coming years.

But with their current form in abysmal condition and the controversy surrounding the takeover itself, you’d be excused if you were not convinced that anything significant would happen anytime soon.

In any case, today we’re going to take a look into the history of Newcastle United football club to track how they got to where they are today and speculate on what’s up next.

Let’s get right into it

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00:00 – Introduction
02:44 – Magpies: Golden Years
06:20 – Inconsistency: The tale of Newcastle United
10:47 – Mike Ashley: Public Enemy #1
14:43 – Saudi Takeover: The Rise of Newcastle?
19:00 – Where To From Here?

Producer: Tinashe Chipako
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38 comentarios en “Newcastle United: The Next Great Football Dynasty?

  1. Jeff Baker

    Man City needs a rival that stand up to their financial power. Otherwise its just going to be one team running the Premiere League with the occasional hick-ups like letting Liverpool (or one of the other top 5 teams) squeek one out every once and a while. Just to make it look kind of fair.

  2. Ebbe B

    feel like the prem is such a huge soft power tool of the UK, and that deals like this (+chelsea and city) tarnish its image. So maybe not such a good long term decision

  3. daniel Irl

    As a man United fan… I did not enjoy our game against them and things are probably just going to get more difficult for the rest of the world.
    I both hope so and hope not

  4. The Spark

    Lots of good names around the world and in the PL who are willing to take a pay rise of 30k+ a week for a move to Newcastle.

  5. Windy Dragon

    This might be the saddle that may finally break the camel's back. It's gonna be demoted and stuck in the lower devision 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Muhammed Gamal

    Felt something i won't say insulted as i know you are being sarcastic anyway in your videos i know it and i understand that even here, but as a musilm felt that you are making fun of the new owners not for anything except for their Islamic background, it wasn't good

  7. Al Wallace

    Not an NUFC supporter, but the day the Saudis took control was a great day for football. Who knows what's going to happen, but ANYTHING is better than Ashley.

  8. Danny Anderson

    Newcastle fan here that's great content I have not seen a better look through our history on YouTube. Most Newcastle fans valued the Inter Cities Fairs Cup 1969 as a major trophy at the time, alot of people debate whether it is but I don't think Arsenal, Leeds or Barcelona would give up theirs as it was the precursor of the UEFA Cup/Europa League.

  9. bunnydaduk

    Good watch, thanks for the memories, what a great watch, I was there (1965-present) but you've done a great job summarising the life off a Mag (Magpie) fan

  10. Gugusse G

    The graph about the owners wealth is very misleading. Neither psg and man city are owned by a single owner. For psg, Nasser is the President, but he and the club are final tally backed by the QSI (Quatar Sport Investment) whose wealth is obviously over 8billions.
    The same applies to man city as well, the club is also backed by a whole country/government, just like Newcastle basically.

  11. Josh Dunne

    Bro. Love these videos, amazing work. One of my favourite football channels. Could you please do a video on Paul Pogba? The guy is a freak but disappoints me so much, knowing what he is capable of

  12. Matthew Jones

    Speaking as a Newcastle supporter, Newcastle ISN'T a massive club, it's a total shit show, always has been and supporters have hung on in the blind hope that things improve, (they never do). Now the club has new owners and it's the same old story. All that money and the best manager they can get is Eddie Howe. It's a joke. People are expecting them to get all these top players to the club, it isn't going to happen. In order to get new players in they need to get players out, and there isn't going to be a long line of clubs looking to sign a bunch of players who managed to get their club to the bottom of the Premiership without winning in 14 games. Newcastle is a joke.

  13. Stewie Valte

    As a newcastle fan for more than 15 years, the takeover almost made me shed a tear of Joy.. Only greater things to come, up the toons..

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