It’s back to the Premier League for Newcastle United on Saturday in what is a massive game for the toon army as they take on relegation rivals Watford.

With the current additions of Trippier and Wood the toon army will be looking for an immediate bounce and try and move out of the relegation zone. It’s almost like a cup final for us as we simply have to get the three points.

Join me, Danielle and Alex as we discuss the possible line ups, formations and score predictions.

Join in the show through the live comments and let us know what team you’d put out against the Hornets.

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  1. Jim Fell

    Missed the show live, but great one as usual. You guys are a breath of fresh air for this Geordie in the wilds of Ontario. Enough bartering with these teams PIF should just buy the club then send them our dross and take their best to the Toon. Play Dummet lb or CB he's better than what we have at the moment.

  2. jovam kw

    4231 can't fit a slow team so go with 433 or 343 if watford form 442 and it is the time to get out of relegation zone !
    my lineup :
    pick back 4 line
    joelinton shelvey almiron
    fraser wood maximin

  3. Thomas Werner

    4 clubs Norwich, Burnley, Watford, and Leeds you have to be better than 3 what better way to do that than making them weak? The only good thing is survival, forget everything else take those players on 2 to 3 year deals it’s a Loooooong game unfortunately but this club and owners are game we just need to stay up 34 points will do then we have fun!

  4. Darren Walton

    Unless they have RELEASE CLAUSE NO premier league clubs are going to sell to Newcastle, shit behaviour but TRUE, you need to concentrate on good players from abroad, I know it's a risk but it's your only chance in my opinion

  5. Darren Walton

    Keep telling you bro FUCK WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINK, GEORDIES are the only people who MATTER, sorry Newcastle fans, I know there not ALL from Newcastle LOL

  6. Barry Easthope

    A good start is important for us the longer the score is level the more Watford will gain confidence paul& guys

  7. Ana Ta

    Haidara is not markeu signing. Average player in crap league. On other hand, even wood is markue signing for barcodes.

  8. Inter Yanan

    My pal went to Kenton school with dummett. Said he was always a 7/10 but nothing more and was an absolute beast of a tackler. I’ve personally always thought he should be played at centre back, and even in a two he’d be pacey enough for a cb and like I say he easily has the tackling ability. For a left back in the modern game he doesn’t really hold up to much because of his total lack of production going forward

  9. Inter Yanan

    I’m not saying she isn’t a nasty person, by any stretch. I don’t know her at all. But the person in the top right seems very insincere. Every laugh seems put on. Am I just too stoned?

  10. Nick Seabright

    Diego Carlos is a brick shithouse. Won’t take any shite from Prem players. Proven at the high levels – and would you okay him or keep putting Clark in? No argument ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

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