1. Ivor Hugeone

    Buzzing that after 14 years we’re even linked with quality players like Trippier. However, Hayden’s comments earlier about players having long contracts with good wages are slightly concerning. There’s talk of bring in 5 or 6 players but we currently have a full squad so need to make room. Not sure if the M*ckems or Hartlepool could afford Krafth’s wages so might be difficult to get rid of the deadwood.
    Howay the lads!

  2. Jacob McGeachin

    I'm going to St. James' Park for a tour on Friday so I could meet Trippier if the Deal get's officially announced then 👀

  3. Matthew Jones

    As a Newcastle supporter I think £12m for 5 months is a bit much, because lets face it he'll be off in May when they get relegated.

  4. clint mannion

    He is 32 years old his price is right its his wages what are going to be daft that is why they have sold him

  5. Mick C

    There is no deal man can you and all the other tube bloggers stop stirring the shit come on when he's holding a black and white scarf above his head 👍

  6. Inukshuk67

    Trippier is a top defender. Bringing him in will make a huge difference. Even if Botman doesn't sign, if they can at least get Coady, who is a natural leader. Aubameyang would be a mistake, in my opinion. He has a reputation for being toxic and lazy. They can do a lot better than him.

  7. Stewart Gatsi

    £65M for Sven Botman? Surely we can spend less on Kalidou Koulibaly or Tarkowski, or even both? May as well go for Van Dyk at that price😒…but then again we can outbid AC Milan (aren't we planning on buying their rivals?🙂)

  8. st4rskream

    Being a Newcastle fan i get nervous when these deals take a long time, I really hope they manage to get Trippier because hes a player I would never have imagined to see in a Toon shirt.

  9. David Knight

    If we get him then Trippier is a fantastic first signing and gives confidence to other players who are thinking about joining

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