"SOME MUGGY OWNER COMING IN!" 🔥 Simon Jordan thinks Newcastle owners aren't helping the situation

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43 comentarios en “"SOME MUGGY OWNER COMING IN!" 🔥 Simon Jordan thinks Newcastle owners aren't helping the situation


    Newcastle Just automatically think everyone has a adjender against them or dislikes them because of their super Rich Owners ! First off slow Down People Hate the Owners and fact the New Owner is a Criminal, supported Piracy until forced to stop and now has full control of a British institution that has Political influences what If Prince William decided he should be a Villa Share holder and ''support'' the club with his wealth do think that would be fair on the rest of the league ? i know newcastle are just the latest in a line but were selling our herritage our History and future wealth to Outsiders who really Dont Care Its just a Doorway Into the UK and a valuble asset
    and also responsible for a Journalists Demise in a Brutal way.
    no one Hates Newcastle i actually would like to see them survive but i think the Damage is Done unfortunately
    secondly Your not Man City (yet) Your not in a possition to be arsy about anything other than your league possition
    3rd all the Money in the world can't fix a Non Financial issue which is Integrity, Confidence, Ability, and general problem solving, your owners Have chose to weaken Burnley in the Hope they do worse and Take your spot That is an act of cunning and Cunning in this way is deciptive trying to push your down fall onto another ! i get it in football it's legal and a Tactic to use but i would argue anyone trying to genuinely Improve Newcastle for the better and long term future would of taken a 50 million 20 goal striker not Criss Wood . He will get 12 in a good season from the start ?
    He has 18 games here lucky if he gets you 3 goals
    also Fury Vs Wilder
    3 times Wilder entered the Ring with hate in heart and tried to finness or be cunning throughout He lost all 3 Hate and Green eyes never win in the end regardless how much you throw at it Aston Villa are a shining example of how a Club should be progressed and will win something Long before Newcastle

  2. Brian Bell

    how many times have premier league teams lost against lower opposition and nothing said apart from they love giant killings and so on but because its newcastle and all the stuff with the Saudi owners everyone is going mad I don't mind pundits or so called pundits ex football owners having an opinion but it has to be a consistent opinion not a pop at Newcastle at every turn

  3. John Doyle

    Simon Jordan is class isn't he. Why has he never done this before? He's articulate and just tells it how it is. Quality.

  4. The Clown

    Simon Jordan calling club owners 'muggy'
    A man that lost his fortune owning the club he supports and is now a co-host for a midday 2 hour radio show.
    Newcastle Uniteds owners have 350 billion quid.
    Simon lost his 50 million and whinges about it daily on his 2 hour slot on talksport radio calling everyone else names and resenting the world.

  5. David Howard

    What would this numpty do without the Toon plus the host of other talksport pundits, I am surprised he has given us his wisdom on the pies they sell at half time… he was having a pop before the takeover, something he said would never happen then at Amanda Stavely.. now it's happen his decibel level has risen and he continues to either wrong or misinformed… most said before the season started we would be lower half of the table and we had a competent and experienced manager

  6. Richard Dawson

    Simon, spot on again. Newcastle are a small club with dodgy owners, one of em looks like she’s got a horses head stitched on her shoulders 🤢🤮 nobody wants to play for them, the only players they will get are old journeyman who are after a few quid. Proper players do not want to live in and work in Newcastle, who would? It’s a dog hole. One last pay day players that’s all they will get.

  7. Andrew Hodgson

    Eddie Howe has turned the team 180 degrees from where it was but he needs the correct personnel to get them firing.

    A striker
    A centre half
    A midfielder

    Newcastle will start putting results together. The tactics are there, just need reinforcements.

  8. Colin Bastholm

    I normally cant stand to listen to this lot but I must agree with a lot there saying. I as a fan couldn't give a damn we are out of the FA cup we need to focus on staying up, but losing to a prem or championship side with a youth team not a full strength team would of been fine. To lose to a league 1 team with quite a strong side will kill the players off, no striker no defence and important games where the transfers may not come in time, it looks bad and will be bad if there's not a win on sat.

  9. SriLankan Guy

    I think the loss to Cambridge really hurt our chances of signing players in January. Players will look at us and think, they really can't beat anybody and that it's a major gamble joining the Toon. Also even though that I admire that Eddie is refusing to give new signings relegation release clauses cause he only wants players who are committed to fighting for the club, it really isn't helping us in the transfer market. I think we need to focus on top championship players who don't have much of a chance of playing Prem football next season

  10. Sonny Init

    He is right but he just has a problem with Amanda Staveley, I doubt he would stir up a massive fuss if it wasn’t Newcastle

  11. Brian Kin

    With all due respect ,Arsenal also lost .In knockout football it can happen to any team.no matter whether it is against a so called inferior team or not.

  12. Steve Gibson

    That was Mike Ashley's team out there have faith we will rebound and it won't take 5 years in two we will scare everyone get ready 😉

  13. glyn hayes

    What’s going on with the team? Mike Ashley. You mugs gave him a free ride.. never said a word about the negligent way he operated the club.. plugging holes left right and centre without any desire to build a team.. buying the odd signing that were usually in positions that didn’t necessarily need filling. Mike Ashley’s lack of foresight and care is well and truly coming to fruition. And all you guys want to focus on the early “shortcomings” of the new owners. Pathetic.

  14. Kevin Carrick

    Newcastle will do well to stay up regardless of who comes in. Eddie Howe is a stop gap he done OK with Bournemouth and still got the sack the celtic job was to big for him and his backside went. If Newcastle go down he will probably stay on if they stay up Howe won't be leading at the start of next season

  15. Dale Steel

    I'm a leeds fan and was happy to loose against West ham and out of cup. League priority. So for Newcastle they deffo needed to be out of cup

  16. David Webster

    "Flanked by bodyguards"…he is an important member of a Sovereign Wralth fund of course he has bodyguards. Same as Mike Ashley had bodyguards (seen this with my own eyes) when he came up here. Jim is such a wind up merchant

  17. Anthony Stafford

    Simon i dont talk about nufc jordan….
    Hope you are so talkative when all this shite ends…
    Left a handbag of cack by ashley bruce…..14 years of neglect careless management…
    We arent stupid and know we have bother..

  18. John Malone

    Simon and Jim never mentioned the biggest sports story of the day……Djokovic winning his court case in Australia. He met all the Visa criteria yet Simon 4 days ago called him arrogant and conceited. Why? The guy kept the rules and it doesnt matter whether he was a millionaire or a guy on the dole, he was prevented from moving freely. He was not an illegal visitor to Australia. The owners of Talksport/Global radio are obviously pro vaxxers who want a Nth Korean style radio station where topics are talked about that only suit the agenda…..Disgraceful Talksport…..the elephant in the room! And it's not mentioned……..

  19. D W

    The fact you three need to ask what is going on with the team confirms you haven't a clue and only want to drag the club through the mud, except for 3 or 4 players the rest are championship at best, it's never been improved upon, financially great but as a team woeful.

  20. g0dseye

    If there is ever a alien walking in our skin its defo the owner of Newcastle. She looks wierd. 🧐🧐🧐👽👽👽

  21. jimmy m

    I am NUFC and do agree with Simon Jordan although I dont understand why he is so down on our new owners.
    As for Murphy though someone needs to remind him that this is the squad that Bruce left behind and Howe is a manager not a magician which is what it would take to get this present squad toperform at premier league level as a blind man could see the total lack of quality

  22. Peter Francis

    Click bait again from talksport. Simon said that the players would be thinking "some muggy owner". He didn't say he thinks they are muggy. But oh no, talksport want you to think otherwise and click on their link. I've fallen for it and plenty others will. Good morals don't exist anymore.

  23. shaun

    @nufcfans boycott talk sport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never heard a bunch of bitches .and Danny Murphy mono tone just like how you used to play boring !!!!!!!

  24. Banlefties

    If that was Steve Bruce he would have been hammered ! I really hope they go down and we can laugh altogether at more crying barcodes 😂😂

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