How much can Newcastle actually spend?

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When the PIF, Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers bought Newcastle United in October 2021, they became the richest owners in the Premier League. By far.

But can they use that considerable wealth, like Chelsea and Manchester City did when they were bought out by incredibly rich owners? The answer is no.

Kieran Magure explains why. Illustrated by Philippe Fenner.

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31 comentarios en “How much can Newcastle actually spend?

  1. living man

    Ffp we should have caps for the rich and elites who hog all the resources they keep stealing, before they change system, while they make a mockery of so called equality for all forever. Sports is distraction and an implementation of slavery, simple as.

  2. rajesh rai

    EPL rip oil money will end club culture otherwise keep team strictly bugget for club in spending on players like NFL

  3. Anthony Poll

    What I don’t get is why no one mentions Aston Villa, the 2 owners are worth more than Stan Kroenke at Arsenal

  4. Asparapee

    So we can expect a local dry cleaner that is suddenly purchased by a second cousin to buy an advert in a gameday program for 14 billion. Then they buy Haaland, and Mbappe in the January window.

  5. Matthew Miller

    I wait with barely suppressed eagerness for the April 2022 sequel, "How Much Money Can Newcastle Spend In the Championship?"

  6. Ana Ta

    Mansur of ManC spends state money, not his own. This is difference! He just presents it as “commercial deals”. List companies supporting ManC and it will be clear.

  7. sparky6899

    Really warms your heart to see a traditional working class pastime turning into this bloated, money-obsessed abomination.

  8. Will Robson

    I still laugh every time I see that pie chart. But let's remember PIF ultimately want to make money. Which is fine as long as we can be successful along the way

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