The Soccer Saturday panel on Steve Bruce's Newcastle exit & discuss who will be their next manager

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Kris Boyd, Clinton Morrison, Lee Hendrie & Michael Dawson share their thoughts on Steve Bruce leaving Newcastle & discuss who will be the next manager of the Magpies.

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26 comentarios en “The Soccer Saturday panel on Steve Bruce's Newcastle exit & discuss who will be their next manager

  1. gazza

    And all this time we thought Steve Bruce was a cabbage. Thanks for clearing up the fact he is indeed a human being. Just fantastic punditry from Sky. Where do they find these jokers ?

  2. K

    Bruce sucks …look at the record n stats..he's not a premier League quality manager. He knows what he get into when he signed. Stop make him like a victim. He is not good enough. Period.

  3. Joshua Christie-Brooks

    as a Sunderland supporter I still find the constant siding with Steve Bruce or ‘Empathy’ for his ‘situation’ by many pundits in mainstream media is shocking if a manager doesn’t meet the standards at a big club like Chelsea they could be gone in under 12 months he had plenty of time to atleast start to show a change. underperforming is underperforming no matter what the goal is if it’s fighting for mid table or trying to win the champions league or just being good cleaner, or take the next step in your career as nhs worker or even a business ceo if u show a poor performance or poor record at work u lose ur job in the real world! as it should be in the world of high level professional football he has ended his time at each club he has ever been at reaching the lowest of the low in performances we all saw this coming and the mags have a reason to be angry he was shocking at Sunderland shocking at Newcastle I know he is old but at this point the only thing he can do is go backwards or back to basics maybe he needs to go observe some teams training idk shadow a mate who is a manager, we all know how many ‘pals’ he has hanging about maybe managing and coaching football abroad in a much smaller league could reset his hardware give him an actual tactical identity? And not relying on or speaking about “luck” Or maybe Steve Bruce should stay in the lower leagues of English football? I think this would damage developing teams and players however. I don’t think anyone should ever go about in life trying to settle but he has a lengthy career already either make some real changes Steve or the lower leagues are where u are looking at or retire with the nice buy out ya got ya lucky bugger all managers get what he gets just some more than others but he was starting to treat criticism with the same attitude as death threats and that’s not a healthy mindset for anyone one that holds any capacity in any sport so change it or just retire. if you really need to be in football in some way and you can’t stop complaining then nobody can help you

  4. gresley mccaslin

    I could of said what that lot said,for free…talk about experts….my god…like chatting to mates in the street whilst waiting for a bus…no depth!…in fact nowt!…

  5. Synthesizer Patel

    I wonder if the media will make such a furore about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s recent treatment by sections of Man U supporters. Those wishing him dead with cancer etc. Or does media condemnation only come when Newcastle fans have the audacity to call for their underperforming manager to be sacked?

  6. nufc sufferer

    These "experts" are ridiculous. 1, correct Steve Bruce is a human. 2, He is not a good manager. 3, Fans are grateful he kept is up but it's a results driven business. 4, The media bias is absolutely ridiculous. 5, The treatment that Bruce got was football related. You're saying it yourself we are in a relegation fight. Bruce is responsible for that so deserves criticism. Hypocrisy at its finest. The treatment Bruce got was very similar to treatment the hull manager got last week. "We want Brucey back" was the chant absolutely no different to us wanting him out.

  7. William P Thomas

    "Paulo Fonseca's form has been Patchy" I guess Steve Bruce's career win percentage of 37 is sublime then.

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