Manchester United's form, the mentality of the squad & Kurt Zouma | Gary Neville Podcast

The latest episode of the Gary Neville podcast. He discusses Newcastle United’s resurgence, the form of Manchester United, the search for a permanent manager, the relegation battle & Kurt Zouma.

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25 comentarios en “Manchester United's form, the mentality of the squad & Kurt Zouma | Gary Neville Podcast

  1. Tanzeela Noreen

    Agree with much of what Gary says – can't really agree on his comments at 26:20 about the half time pies! Either way, Gary talks a lot of sense. Surprises me that the club have not made a move to recruit him or asked him to come in and review the situation as a consultant of sorts. Up till last season (2021 – 2022) it felt as though the club was steadily building with Ole, yes he came up short occasionally, but he was one of ours. Shame, that he made the move to recruit CR7 though – it lead to a disjointed team and ultimately led to the sack. Recruiting Poch should be Utd's first priority.

  2. ABS United4Ever99

    Absolutely love this podcast!!! Enthralling and captivating to listen to a genuine man who loves football and of course his beloved man united who by his standards are shambolic but he maintains a balanced approach to them and critique where it’s justified!

  3. UP YER KILT!!

    start fining and ban the players for a couple of games for leaking things. hit there pockets and their reputation, they'll soon shut up or go

  4. Breen Irwin

    Roy keane called it
    they threw manager after manager under the bus ? now look.
    Their not men merely spolied children like majority of so called men in modern society it is a generational thing.

  5. David

    Big big error in playing Zouma from Moyes. Not a case of maybe getting wrong or right. It was very wrong. West Ham have lost respect from many for sure

  6. M.A.C

    The way Sky so readily endorse Newcastle is disgusting. Cowards. Acting like this is some miraculous recovery of a club! No, it's called the influx of money earned through modern slavery, child labour and all the rest of it. But yeah, let's ignore what is going on in the middle East so long as the east of England are winning.

  7. Mathew Aconley

    It's so cringeworthy to hear pundits like Neville bang on about Newcastle as if somehow, miraculously the atmosphere and team have improved. Overnight they became the richest club in the world and have just dropped 100 mill on new players in a January transfer window! Of course the fans are reinvigorated! This recovery is what it is, entirely based on oil/blood money. Any success they achieve going forward, and there will be plenty, is tainted. So please stop dressing it up as an organic thing or some sort of divine intervention. It's so wrong.

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