🥲 Emotional Scenes at St. James' Park as Newcastle United do a Lap of Honour

Our Club.

Newcastle United’s players and staff do a lap of honour at St. James’ Park after the 2-0 win over Arsenal to say thank you to our fans for their support over the 2021/22 season.

Howay the Lads. 👊

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50 comentarios en “🥲 Emotional Scenes at St. James' Park as Newcastle United do a Lap of Honour

  1. Ken Green

    I've been a fan for almost 70 years and follow them now from Sydney Australia. 12,000 miles away, half a world away . So happy that they survived the terrible times of the last few years and got through a difficult season and finished so well..So happy for the loyal fans who have endured for so long.
    Great to hear that fantastic roar.
    The sleeping giant has awoken
    The top four of the EPL are now on notice. There's a new force to be reckoned with next season.

  2. Louie Von

    isaac hayden "best atmosphere i have ever seen", someone who aint in the 25 man squad and appreciates the football club

  3. Niall H

    …DIS KIND OF SUPPORT, now; just imagine…..in 3,4,5yrs time wen hopefully we'll B challenging 4 de Premier League, other domestic cups.?? dis will take time but I HAV FAITH. ~THANK U – 2 OUR NEW OWNERS. (from Niall in IRELAND – supporter since wen Kevin Keegan was manager)

  4. Stephen Bailey

    Howay the lads. Brilliant. The future now begins. What they've achieved in the second half of the season has been phonomenal. Long may it continue. Eddie Howe take a BOW, along with all the team.

  5. Samir Ourdyl

    Great atmosphere great supporters great team great coaching great owners this is juste the beginning of a new era full of success go Newcastle United

  6. Abdul Rasyid

    Next season must be four place to the champion league…i'm fans from Indonesia…howay the lads🔥🔥🔥

  7. Steven Aranyi

    Newcastle fans best in the world no one will dare tell me any different if the players can't play for them something wrong but them players know they are the best fans in the world can't get any better for me

  8. John Bowles

    Bloody hell this has got me crying. 14yrs of simply surviving to having actual hope and owners who will love and care for the club. This atmosphere is the best I have ever seen at St James's. Can you imagine what it'll be like when we actually win something!!

  9. Michael O'Donnell

    Magic. The players are now playing in a positive atmosphere devoid of the negative vibes of the previous ownership. All the fans at Newcastle Utd ever wanted was a fair chance of competing with the so called big six and not be forced into selling our best players over the years which obviously contributed to our lack of tangible success on the pitch. Playing for this club should be a pleasure and a privilege for those lucky enough to have the opportunity. I know that the potential and ambition of the club can now be realised and we can all dream again. Thanks to the new owners, Eddie Howe, staff, and players for a remarkable season.

  10. stevent ikhsan

    we'll see next season for the new rich team….. I expect very high for the highest level of newcastle new Era under Shultan

  11. ron richardson

    This shows how much of a bargain The Saudis got Newcastle for . £ 300k is a lot better than Chelsea at £3bn and the Saudis got the supporters included in the price .

  12. Jake Johnson

    Im Aussie, ive loved Newcastle since a little Kid, Howay the Lads, ill get to St James' one day, this makes me want it more

  13. D Fid

    I wanna say thank you to Newcastle for defeating arsenal in such a committed display, allowing my club Tottenham to have a real chance to get champions league.
    Eddie Howe has been a revelation for the club. Big up the gordie's.

  14. The 11 meters D.X. Channel.

    Emotional scenes.. Welling up with tears of Joy and pride. We got our football club back !!! The sleeping Giant is wide awake !! HWTL..🖤🤍🖤🤍

  15. George Morley

    Wow, I saw a flag out for Colin Veitch! As well as playing for Newcastle and winning the league and cup repeatedly, he founded the People’s Theatre in Heaton! That’s something special to see. I went there for many a year, as well as SJP of course. Proud to be a Geordie. And I’ve got to be honest, I hate that bloody “Hey Jude”, always have done, but everything else is spine tingling, just to hear the crowd in such good voice again. There’s no one, no one who can out-sing the Geordies. Home and away, we are the best.

  16. David Opsina

    3 questions for Newcastle's new owners. 1. Why are women still allowed into the stadium? It's Haraam!! 2. I saw infidels eat pig meat pies inside the stadium. Why is this allowed? 3. You promised to that the royal head-chopping sword of the Saudi flag will be included into the Newcastle logo. When will this happen?

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