In this video, James Allcott reacts to Newcastle 2-0 Arsenal at St James Park in the Premier League

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  1. Hafeni Mushimba

    Arteta, Edu and the board needs to be honest with themselves and Acknowledge that they didn’t strengthen the team when we need to in january. We could’ve even been 3rd place

  2. Luis CC

    Thin squad cost them. January was the opportunity to bring in a cdm, a striker and a wingback that can play both sides.

  3. Shark Spray

    they over achieved to a point where bottling it became a possibility, then they bottled it. Which is pretty impressive not gonna lie, to do both? madness.

  4. Ashfaq Nehmet

    As a Newcastle fan, this analysis is so much better than usual pundits. Especially as it wasn't all about how bad Arsenal were but also about how good Newcastle were.
    Thank you for some balance.

  5. Jeff Baker

    All the interviewers and * for the most part are going on about how bad Arsenal played. No one talks about how good Newcastle was. Was anyone supporting / backing Arsenal worried about the fact that Newcastle has only lost 1 game at home since January? to Liverpool by 1 goal. Maybe these players are not that bad. What will it take for people like yourself to consider Newcastle as being a decent/bigger club?

  6. Callum with 2 L’s

    Loved the video Jim, it will be the most Arsenal thing ever if Spurs get beat and we draw or lose to Everton.

    We go again next season, but I respectfully disagree with you. I don’t think next season Arteta can take us to the Top 4 – let’s see

  7. Jim Jam

    I think if Arsenal finish 5th, they will have had a good season that ended badly. At the start of the season, what did they expect? City were favourites for the title, Chelsea had been crowned European champions, Liverpool had recovered from their injury crisis and Man United had concluded what was widely considered the strongest transfer window. Arsenal's summer transfers were widely criticised, some of it OTT, some of it justified. I think finishing 5th would have been about par. Add into that the Aubameyang situation, who clearly wanted out and he had to go. January isn't easy, sometimes you don't get who you want. So they ended the season with Lacazette and Nketiah, nobody seriously wanted them as being the only strikers available. Add into that the injury-prone players, it is a tall order to finish 4th. The worrying thing is, I think Arsenal are more likely to finish lower next season than higher. I can't see Man United being as bad, Newcastle have improved leaps and bounds. They won 1 in the first 20 and they are just 9 points from Europe. The only positive is, Arsenal will spend in the summer again, maybe that will bring improvement but their patchy record in the market suggests it won't solve all their problems.

  8. Edix167

    Newcastle were phenomenal. Arsenal were well below their best.
    Newcastles resurgence should be a worry for any top 10 side, echos of The Entertainers. And if St James Park is rocking like that next season, it will be a fortress. Nobody will be leaving with 3 points. Never mind 12 men, Newcastle had 52,000.

  9. forearthbelow

    @James, Spurs fan here. I usually like your analyses but I think you are wide of the mark with Arteta. Can you honestly say he has improved the performances of m/any of the players under his guidance? Compare with how Conte is doing out the club I support: there is NO comparison, virtually every one of his players are better now than when he took over. Let me say this: I think Arsenal have some exceptionally TECHNICALLY talented young players but they lack the discipline and maturity that Conte DEMANDS. Him at Arsenal would be a frightening proposition, tbh, and would be the best thing for these players to maximise their talents. Losing virtually every game where they go behind is evidence of deeper direction/leadership issues over there imho.

  10. Bruce Bax

    Excellent analysis as always. You're an example to others who do this. As a Newcastle fan I'm very happy at the moment.

  11. Paul Walter

    The writing was on the wall when Crystal Palace beat Arsenal comfortably 3 nil.
    The midfield could not cope and transitions were poor.

  12. Andrew Ross

    A shower isn’t enough after visiting sunderland. You need to quarantine for at least a month, check for rashes, discharge, extra digits sprouting etc.

    We were excellent on Monday. I’m only a few minutes in but I’m hoping you bother to mention that, because no one else has. It’s all just how bad Arsenal were. We contributed to making them look bad and don’t seem to have got any credit for that.

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