Defeat a HUGE problem for Arteta and Arsenal going forward! ❌| Carra and Nev react | MNF

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville react to a devastating loss for Arsenal in the Premier League and discuss what it means for Mikel Arteta and the club going forward..
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44 comentarios en “Defeat a HUGE problem for Arteta and Arsenal going forward! ❌| Carra and Nev react | MNF

  1. Ross

    Who were Arsenal playing in this match? Going by Carragher and Neville's comments it appeared Arsenal only lost the game. Barely a mention of any team winning….

  2. Kushol bhowmick

    Gary Neville was never an excellent player, he was an even worse coach, but boy has he eclipsed his achievement in punditry. A disgrace to football as a whole ?. Jamie Carragher comes a close 3rd. The first spot still remains with Jamie O'Hara

  3. David Loughlin

    Arsenal are just a money making racket. Finishing fourth in this league is worthless, they will be at least 25 points behind and the only reason they would have finished fourth is that the PL is mediocre aside from.the top 2. The arsenal fans are incredibly loyal, they will continue to buy the tickets, they will continue to buy the shirts and other merchandise. More fool us! We need an experienced manager and someone who can buy decent players. At best we are a top 10 team.

  4. Alex Oraedu

    Plus no comment on how well Arsenal have done this season given performances without key players, the youngest squad in the league, and a thin squad…??‍♂️

  5. Alex Oraedu

    I generally really like both Gary and Carra but These two keep flip flopping between Arsenal making progress and looking up to Arsenal are done…??‍♂️

  6. Joseph Lennon

    With what talent he has available, Arteta has done a great job. I am a Spurs fan. As for Newcastle, they have a manager who has come in and steadied the ship, got them up the table and now the board are replacing him. Typical of Newcastle United. They are hell – bent on self destruction.

  7. Alexandros Apostolou

    Dont think so..ARSENAL now starts showing their true 8-10 years are ours..but I cant understand the amount of hatred ARSENAL's receiving from every sky sports pundit..the same people who are talking about giving managers time they do not have the patience to let our team complete their process

  8. rashid abdulah

    The day that most of the fans shouted Wenger out I knew we Will regret like Man u when Alex Ferguson retired. We lost a very good manager who build a club and a stadium and when he started to harvest the results we did not give him the time to do more glory.
    Do not forget with Arsen Wenger little budget we used play champions league football every single year with a young players too and the style of football was fantastic everyone around the globe was admire by it .Wenger back to correct this mess.

  9. Adrian Boyce

    Again pundits moaning about a young team this team have players with experience next two seasons we be still hearing a young team

  10. netweed09

    Our players were definitely up there – Smith-Rowe has just outscored Ozil's all-time record for League goals in a season with his 10 League goals.

    It's Our -ve, manager of mediocrity that has held Us back bottling at the last hurdle. We'll not see CL football until we get an Allegri or Enrique.

  11. Muhydin Aden

    See you next season it's always good to see teams celebrate after pulling a fast one on my Arsenal ,time will tell whose learning & who's schooling who it's a learning curve for us but we'll bounce back …..COYG..

  12. Eyal Halevy

    Arteta had dried out SMIITH ROWE got him out of form. What do expect playing Elnany, he is not a CL material. His January transfer window was devastating to the club. Weakening the club, releasing Ainsley M Niles. NOT GOOD.

  13. Olaniyi Olayiwola

    These guys should go and coach. It's easy to speak English and run the rule over the performance of other Managers. Neville tried it and knew how hard it was. If it was so easy, why did he run back to the studio?

  14. Naser 07

    Arsenal bottled the greatest chance to grab the top 4 spot and to attract the top players to sign for them, Spurs and Man Utd will get stronger, also NUFC. How can they build the strong squad with depth to compete anyway in future – that's the toughest reality to face for Gunners !!! Arsenal fans were united and so hopeful for the so called project. But they are knocked out & devastated atm. Let's see how Arteta, Owner Kroenke and the transfer board handle the upcoming transfer window. Gooners are all waiting for that surely before divide to protest again.

  15. Aqib Elahi

    Surprised knowledgeable pundits & x professionals believe it's all over. Norwich have got absolutely no pressure in their final game & will play it like an exhibition whereas Tottenham are under a mountain of pressure. Any footballer worth his salt would know pressure rules over form. So if Spurs choke, Norwich will win. So it's not all over!

  16. Adriaan van-de-Lang

    Was it Newcastle v Arsenal or Arsenal v spurs getting talked about ? the way these 2 go on ??? how about saying Newcastle and the fans were brilliant on the night . Roll on next season after the summer transfer window ???

  17. Joe Richardson

    Overreaction from Nev and Carra, youngest team in the prem finishing just points out the top 4…. It's gutting for sure but at the start of the season did any pundit / fan put Arsenal anywhere near the top 4?

  18. Connor R

    My thoughts about arsenal were spot on, when it really matters, they can’t handle it and bottle it. They’re just not good enough ??

  19. Daniel Austin-Leng

    This is the same Garry Neville that touted Arsenal to be this seasons 'under achieves' the same person that said our Sp*urs withdrawal was a disgrace. This season has only been a disappointment due to 4th being so close. It amazes me this 'crash & burn' mentality pundits have around my club. It's a huge improvement on last season for sure. This current crop of players have a huge future, not to mention another Summer window..see you on the up??

  20. Raptorman0909

    Spurs fan and we just need one point and 4th is ours. As others have mentioned both Tottenham and Arsenal have beaten top teams and lost to bottom teams so it is still possible for the Gunners to get 4th but we all know that's highly unlikely. What is more likely is that Spurs win and Arsenal, being dispirited, might well lose the final game. Things were going well for Arsenal until they got their a@@ beat by Tottenham after Arteta's game plan against Spurs backfired. The game plan was painfully obvious — to mug Son and rough up the Spurs. Holding was WAY over the top with the contact and the second foul was straight red any day of the week. It wasn't long into the game that the refs saw with Arteta was doing and it probably resulted in a soft foul in the box being a pen. 2-0 at half and then 3-0 a couple minutes into the second half Son got his 21 goal of the season. Arteta went hooligan and it cost Arsenal not only the game against Spurs, but a combination of them being deflated after the Spurs game and Arteta realizing he would not get away with hooliganism a second time led the Gunners to concede to Newcastle without a whimper. Must say Newcastle are a lot better team then many expected of them and they are likely to move up the table next year. End of season: Tottenham = 71 points, Arsenal = 66 points. I'd love to see Son get Golden Boot.

  21. Jason Razzell

    As a spurs fan this interview worries me SEVERELY. Because if we get done at Norwich… OH MY GOOOOD. I don't think we will I Think we will get 4 or 5 we are so confident

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