It’s that time of year again when so many leaked shirts come out for what Newcastle United might be wearing next season.

However, the away one that has been leaked has caused quite a bit of a storm on social media.

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  1. Johnny Yen

    I see no problem with Newcastle being owned by Saudis, and having sponsorship from that country on any merchandise. The Saudis are not morally bankrupt like the US is. If any country deserves to be banned and boycotted for their incessant warmongering, illegal invasions, mass slaughter of innocent civilians, human rights abuses it's the Yanks! Why aren't Liverpoo, M U, Villa fans, Gary Neville, Lineker etc kicking up a fuss about these owners? Hypocrits, the lot of em!

  2. Andrew Phipps Phillips

    AFAIC, I don't mind any of these leaked colours (very 80s actually).
    But I would far rather spend £47 on a yellow/green trim Bukta 1978 away shirt from TOFFSCo (a Gateshead based company, so good for the local economy) that Alan Shoulder and Co used to wear. I have no reason to boycott the club shop anymore, but there is no VFM from a replica shirt that will be out of date in 10months, plus aren't they something close to £65 each now? A classic cotton shirt from 44yrs ago will last a lifetime, plus you'll stand out from the crowd more.

  3. Trev

    Paul my sentiments exactly……. they can all go jog on, and all take there faces for shits……… all hypocritical and the jealousy pouring out of them stinks!!!!! Come on the TOON!!!!!!!

  4. David Webster

    A blind man could see the away kit would cause controversy but they already own the club so it's a storm in a teacup really

  5. Gladys Elliott

    Whats the problem with our new green & white shirts hell everyone's football pitch is wait for it ….green and white markings what next blue & red ones????

  6. Geordie Kev

    Just hit play , but let's have it right the haters would have and will have an issue with everything to do with us from here on in.
    Doesn't matter one bit to anyone other than our owners the staff and us the supporters ????
    The rest can swivel ?

  7. DJL Floats

    I think its absolutely hilarious to be honest! Its like a big F – OFF to the rest of the premiership! Personally, I have no problem with it and weve had some shockers in the past but this is fine by me, also, we are happy to take PIF's money in the transfer windows and to invest in every aspect of the club so let them have their colours on our away shirts, if it was the home shirt with green on then yeah we would have a right to be unhappy but personally i think its brilliant, plus like you say paul, no matter what we do now, the media will be hammering us anyways so lets just do whatever we want! Howay the lads!

  8. jacka13924

    Nowt wrong with the away strip as far as I’m concerned … as you say Paul they can all go and take their faces for a shite

  9. Pete_WY

    It's literally the same as the Saudi national kit, I think it's far too on the nose. What's next, add a bit of green to the home badge? They might as well walk out with Saudi Arabia written on the front. The strip should represent NEWCASTLE UNITED. Not the country of the PIF. They should use inspiration from kits gone by and the city of Newcastle

  10. Paul popp1973

    If people aren't happy with the jerseys don't buy them.
    It's the best way to hit back if your unhappy.
    Me personally think they look OK.

  11. Paul Andrews

    It's not sports washing it's good market. I will 100% be buying an away shirts this coming season. Might even deck the whole family out in one.

  12. Steph

    All this fuss over a colour, the green & white is very good, but it could have been a more creative design.
    I could have designed it better, but I’m not giving my ideas away for free!
    Get in touch NUFC.
    Always said, our away kit designs have been to dark & blend into the crowd.
    Not ideal when playing fast furious premiership football in full stadiums.
    Surely this will help our players when picking out long passes! ⚽️
    Definitely an improvement, home shirt reminds me of the fairs cup team of old, ok but could be better.
    Come on you designers, how can’t you do better?????

  13. jock barr

    If the white one had black on the collar and sleeves badge etc nothing would of been said I'm chuckling at some comments I've read and like you said more revenue from outside our country will come in is this a shrewd move by the club lol

  14. Tommy Boy

    I'm not a fan of the away kit tbh not because if the colour but it just looks to basic for me as I like our kits to have funky patterns on it like our 3rd kit that we had this season (probably gonna get hate for saying that) but over all I like the colour and it was always gonna happen haters gonna hate and I say let them. I really like the blue and gold one that's been leaked for our 3rd so I'll probably get that one this season if they are actually the kits we are using for the season

  15. Steve Gibson

    Love the new kit we are one with our owners if they play in a green bikini im proud of them howay the lads

  16. Thomas Werner

    They both look great. I’m not really sold this is real I feel like someone just slapped this together off of the national team kit the color isn’t quite right and the badge looks like someone didn’t edit in in correctly.

  17. Michael Pomar

    I love it, really nice strip. I don't give a …. what other teams people think. This is our team, it's got absolutely nothing to do with them. Cry more people.

  18. Gareth Hayles

    Am sick off people having ago at Newcastle fan because of the away shirt saying it’s sportswashing and it was obvious there was going to be a shirt that shows who own us

  19. Carl Thornton

    We've had some really dodgy colours in the past, but white and green look great and the home strip has a back to basics look that's perfect for me. To be honest, I was going to order a retro strip for next season but I'll definitely buy this home strip instead

  20. Morgul Blade

    On the kit, I don't mind it, we've had green b4. I'm more bothered it's still Castore. Come back Adidas!
    On the shit directed at us, it is sportswashing. However no journalist thinks about the positive impact a club and geordie nation like ours can affect the Saudis.
    Also, they don't attack boxers, golfers, F1 teams with the same hatred that is aimed at us toon fans.
    We're fans, we have no say who buys our club, so they can feck right off having a go at us, telling us to educate ourselves about Saudi. They must think we're all thick cos we're from the North.

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