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Lee is outside the Etihad reacting to Newcastle United losing 5-0 away to Premier League title chasing Manchester City. A numerous of defensive errors didn’t help Eddie Howe’s side as the away fans will be disappointed on their way home.

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  1. Graham Robinson

    Fan and idiots like you we don't need. Give ya head a shake man ffs. Since Eddie turned up the lads have worked there socks off could not care less what happens for the rest of the season roll on next season. Would never subscribe to rubbish like this . Have you just jumped on the bandwagon. Shocking. Liverpool and Manchester City are the best two teams in the world. We are still playing with Ashley's and Bruce's squad. Pathetic report. Will never watch your vids again.

  2. RFC

    Sore one but came a long way since January tranfer as December I said this January tranfer will make or break newcastle utd and its odvious newcastle staying up and trust summer transgers.

  3. Daz

    Maxi was right if we had someone up top that could score goals he would have much more assists to his name should of had two yesterday

  4. Ulfur Karlsson

    I think Krafth and Targett where alright, but Burn had his worst game since he came, and Lacelles was not up for it in my opinion

  5. bernicia 1140

    Expected this result , but you have to make City work for the win , and we just gifted them goals . We aren't yet equipped to go to places like City or Spurs (teams with pace and quality finishers ) and squeeze a draw . Hopefully we can pick up points in the last two games and not end the season on a downer , but they too are tough games . Probably finish 14th or 15th . Let's get this season over with and start building in the summer , which will be a drama in itself .

  6. Matthew Mcatee

    Taught a lesson, by one of the best teams in the world , people are expecting way to much we were in a survival fight a few month back , our players look so bad because man City are so good.

  7. ga Ho

    So Eddie Howe thinks Longstaff , Wood, Murphy, lascelles are good players ?? Carry on playing them clowns we will get relegated next season!!! Wake the F up Eddie!!

  8. MingYee Wong 黃明義

    Don’t worry about the result. you guys are going to be a good team with Eddie Howe for next year. Wish you all best.

  9. Football Guy

    Lads you're staying up and let's be honest at Xmas nobody thought you would, keep the faith you'll be fighting us for titles soon enough ??

  10. Ketsbaia9

    Why is Fernández not getting a game or getting in the squad? He's our best defender.

    Why isn't Gayle being played? Howe's treatment of Fernández, Almiron and Gayle has been fucking disgusting. Has Fernández been shagging Graeme Jones' wife or something??

  11. Ketsbaia9

    Knew we were gunna get hammered today with Krafth, Lascelles, Burn and Twat Targett in defense. They're all not good enough. Longstaff needs to go back to Blackpool. Awful player. I think Eddie Howe needs to go. Extending Dummett and Longstaff's contracts is already a massive mistake. Any more signings like Dan Burn, Matt Targett and Chris Wood, we'll be relegated next season.

  12. Red Panda Agency Entertainment

    St maximum can’t finish can’t assist his end product is terrible he can only show skills. Only Joelington and Bruno had an ok game

  13. Dobry Den

    9-0 including the SJP game that's what you get when going toe to toe against quality should have parked the bus and went for damage limitation , no wonder Klopp and Pep are always smiling when they play Newcastle.?

  14. Conrad Richards

    Howe had Atletico and Real games as examples on Howe to approach the game .1% possession in the second half . No fight.

  15. John Johnson

    So we lost to the best team in the Premiership our main objective this season was to escape relegation which Howe has achieved and with a bunch of crap players. We have 3 games left starting with Arsenal at home. So no point in crying now lets rejoice that Ashley has gone Bruce is back in the championship fucking up other teams instead of Newcastle and we are out of the relegation battle we can look forward to rebuilding the club.0

  16. Anthony Stafford

    Moan citys fall guys again tired of it…
    Asm a headless chicken he probably needs moving on…
    No midfield chasing shadows…
    Wilson will last 3 games then get injured…
    Trippier been out for ages so give him a pass ..
    Dire bruce esque performance…

  17. Giles Johnson

    I don’t think they went wrong! They got bossed by the best team arguably in the world! On the back of their loss…. We need strength at the back and obviously at least 2 big strikers!

  18. Broony Broony

    Wrong about Targett he had no support from ASM who needs to go by the way.
    We have too many naive players who aren’t up to the job.Need 4 or 5 new quality players.

  19. Siren

    Newcastle will never reach the levels of Man City while they have a team and manager as poor as that (all the money in the world won't buy it!). Championship team, all round!.

  20. D W

    Be realistic, id you expect anything else from today? We are going to have days like today for the next couple of seasons it is what it is.
    Man City were out to make a statement after midweek and that's the difference between a side worth £850m and a team worth about £200m at best.

  21. Gary Hopper

    Unfortunately we do not have a real top class manager at the moment don't get me wrong he has done a wonderful job but I think we need to move on

  22. Edward Trott

    Just goes to show how many new players we differently need I would say 5 or 6 . Depressed again I am .Great video again I really feel your pain mate

  23. John Davison

    When I first saw the team sheet and Longstaff was in I knew we would be in trouble , ffs we are miles behind Man City, and what is Howe playing at giving Dummit a new contract, big clear out needed HWTL

  24. David Howard

    Look on the bright side City put 5 past Real Madrid, every thing has to be taken in context, this is just the start of an adventure … ?., no point lingering on this result, move on 2 games

  25. Steven Monaghan

    Lads were poor today like ..!! Chris wood omg good job we loaded and won't miss 25 million
    Playing with ASM Is like playing with 10 men

  26. pedro Stokoe

    YEAH Hard lines Lee but were playing probably the 1st liverpool being the 2nd best team in World Football

  27. Chris Arkle

    Good on yous traveling down there, known we were probably going to take a hammering. I just think we were just playing chasey all the way through the game, players looked defeated within minutes. Callum and trippier brought a little spark into the game but nothing to threatening. Drive safely.

  28. CaSeBaLL - UK

    Lee, at least this shows us who should not be in the team next season. Miggy Wood, Longstaff, Murphy, Kraft and Lacelles will hopefully be shipped out. We need, fast, quick creative players. TBH we had 3 really good chances that we should have taken…. Big money needs to be spent…..

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