Has January been a successful window for Newcastle? | Transfer Talk

While Newcastle close in on Matt Targett and Hugo Ekitike, The Transfer Show panel discuss whether January has been a successful window for the Magpies.

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43 comentarios en “Has January been a successful window for Newcastle? | Transfer Talk

  1. Ant

    It's a great window for Newcastle. Any January window is a success usually if you can bring in one or 2 who improve your starting 11. Newcastle have managed to bring in 4 who improve their best 11 and a further player who gives them an option when their best striker is missing.

  2. Far_Better

    We should have got one more striker to undertake a main role instead of Wood.
    Because Wilson has injury prone. So we are still weakness to pick up a choice that role.
    A majority of Newcastle supporters seems optimism. I reckon we are still under danger situation of being relegation.

  3. Randy Bobandy

    Hilarious how Newcastle fans thought they'd be signing the likes of Messi or Ronaldo but they got Dan Burn and Chris Wood instead. At least they have experience in the championship which they'll need next season

  4. Knight journey

    Would say it's a mixed bag of buys

    Be interesting if Eddie Howe will still be in charge next season if they relegated or stay up

  5. Jasper Rowell

    As a Newcastle fan, I am happy with this window as we got in some great players like Bruno and Trippier but I still believe that there could have been some could have been done. Has definitely been a successful window but I don’t think the squad is now at the stage where we can say we are 100% safe in the league. I still think we are almost there though, hoping all these signing hit the ground running

  6. jp swaddle

    Tripier A+.
    Burn B-.
    Guimareas A+
    Targett B+
    Wood C.

    We didn't need to build a top 4 squad this window, we needed a top 16 squad. Which I think we have now.

  7. Cookie

    Slightly disappointing window , would have loved to have landed Lingard and a few others. I was expecting eight players , so only five is a little disappointing considering the open cheque book.

  8. Dan 92

    Anything more then Ashley would of spent is successful, January a difficult window hopefully in a better position for the summer then the real business will happen.

  9. Jack Hicks

    In terms of incoming yeah sure, but however much I love Eddie howe, he just isn't a premier league manager. Especially not with newcastle!

  10. Jettster4000

    I’d give it a B overall. Bummed we couldn’t get Ekitike in, and another center half would’ve been great, but pretty good overall

  11. Ruby- ??? ?? ?? ??????? [?!??]

    Most people seem to play down that weakening a direct rival is a solid strategy. For that reason alone, given the primary objective to stay up, that was a genius move

  12. Barry Milton

    Newcastle still going down . Horrendous window for then considering they are the richest club in the world hahahaha

  13. Stannis Baratheon

    As a newcastle fan, probably been the best window since we bought shearer tbh. Everyone a crucial signing. All less than jack grealish aswell so very nice business in a hard window.

  14. Joe White

    Of course they did well. Bringing in proven premier League players and solid players is obviously better than bringing in massive names in, any big names that would go to Newcastle right now obviously has issues, they don't want to be another qpr

  15. LISSA-? ?**СК МЕ - СНЕ?? ?? Р?????Е

    Most people seem to play down that weakening a direct rival is a solid strategy. For that reason alone, given the primary objective to stay up, that was a genius move

  16. Tia-?**СК МЕ - СНЕ?? ?? Р?????Е

    Considering that we normally didn't get anything like this under the MAR, I'd call it a success

  17. Lee Petersson

    Why didn’t NUFC go for Christian Erickson? Waste of a talent going to Brentford. He’s the perfect player for what they need. The players they’ve signed won’t save them from the championship next year.

  18. Jwjwj Hsjsj

    No it hasent cuz we thought there were gonna bring in Mbappe and good player like him but instead they sign Chris Wood and Kieran Trippier

  19. Manny Judge

    In a word , No. Tripper and Bruno are good signing but Newcastle need 2 quality strikers. Chris Wood only scored 2 goals for Burnley this season, they need a striker who will get them 10+ goals in second half of the season.

  20. Dean Steenkamp

    I’m very surprised Newcastle was not in for Nat Phillips from Liverpool on loan. He would have been a massive signing at CB for them, pretty sure he would have kept them up.

  21. CrazyFooI

    I suppose its been successful in the sense that they've been able to bring in champions League level players as well as a main goal scoring threat from relegation rivals. Question is how quickly all the new players can gel, there's no pre season so all need to hit the ground running. I think they'll be fine either way tbh. Money talks so I'm sure the players will have enough of an incentive to pull their finger out and put a shift in

  22. Lewis Watson

    If this goes through brilliant signing I'm about 30% confident we will stay up just because of the signings alone

  23. Dan Bruno

    Nah Newcastle got this

    The win against Leeds was crucial and now looking at player they brought in they probs coming 15th max

    Some teams above them are in freefall or lost momentum

  24. DC

    Did that fella say 'a player not for now but for the future just like Bruno Guimaraes'? Bruno is the best midfielder they have now so how is he a signing for the future? Ye he's in his early 20s but he isn't a phase 2 signing

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