The names being linked to Newcastle United are certainly coming thick and fast at the moment.

This is certainly something we expected as Newcastle United fans and the excitement is definitely building with some of the players we have been linked with.

Join us as we take a look at some of the players linked, their stats and how they would blend into the current squad.

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  1. KEITH

    Late watching but another fantastic show. AMAZING INTRO ………….Thx Paul – Danielle – Billy – Alex and all others involved.

  2. John Johnson

    Lets just hope we don,t turn into a Man U who paid stupid money and bought all these so called class players but when put together could not beat a sunday kids team.

  3. Darren Walton

    Been a while since watching bro must say the show has turned a little salty to be honest, you know I love your content but why all the hostility to others, COME ON BIG MAN

  4. White Rabbit

    Love these transfer shows – feels like waiting for Xmas and seeing who we're going to unwrap.
    Questions for Alex if you have time.
    What do you think Eddie Howe's positional shopping list is in terms of highest priority to lowest? eg striker, rt wing, GK etc
    What does a scout look for when going to a game to observe in person?
    Have you considered Moussa Dembélé from Lyon – 25 yrs old, contracted to June 2023 so just 1 yr left on contract. 21 goals & 4 assists in 30 games. Linked in January and interest from other PL top clubs – Bruno (and Paqueta) would have played with him as well.
    Couple of wild cards from Portuguese league – not linked as far as I know but interesting to look at.
    1. Mehdi Taremi – 29 yrs £15 million Contract expires Jun 30, 2024 – played 32 for 20 goals and 12 assists – more goal contributions than Darwin Nunez. Would the Saudis buy an Iranian player?
    2. Rafa Silva – 29 yrs £22.5million Contract expires Jun 30, 2024 Sofascore has him playing in multiple postions (good cover) but heatmap is right winger – played 28 for 8 goals and 15 assists. Portuguese so at home with the Brazilians.

  5. Steven Monaghan

    Strange it's always Liverpool I feel sorry for them genuine fans who got caught up in it but guarantee there was dickheads with fake or no tickets trying to get in spoiling it for every
    Liverpool fans are always at the front wear shit is concerned

  6. Dk 35

    Can stato look at tariq lampty could buy as a right winger and move back to right back in a season or too.maybe trips would do a philip larm and move in to midfield towards the end of his career?

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