36 comentarios en “Newcastle United’s ‘Toon Toon End of Season Party’ – Fan reactions and exclusive interviews!

  1. Joel Marshall

    Nice one! Always enjoy a Tyneside Life video. Easily the most professional Newcastle United channel on YouTube. Kudos on always having the best sounding audio.

  2. Simon Hainsworth

    Really glad I found your channel a few months ago. Great content, and I’m looking forward to next season including your videos on the history of Newcastle.

  3. Charlie Mckeever

    Brilliant video.. and a massive shout out for everyone you support here and overseas 👏👏👏 👍👍..

  4. David Archbold

    Spot on Robbie, Next season lets see us learn to compete against those 6 teams above us…..Haven,t done so in a long time

  5. Chris Hutton

    Lovely finish to the season. Just great to see so many smiling faces. Its been such an incredible change of fortune since Christmas. The last 5 months have almost felt like 5 years!! The pressure, the anticipation, the passion. Its been an uplifting ride.
    Watching bits of games, highlights, news, sports shows, just gives an outside view. You (& the other vloggers too), have put the flesh on the bones. The Passion, the heart, the city, the history, the community, the people behind the scenes.
    Thank you for bringing it all to us. 😁

  6. graeme4540

    Anyone remember bez had that ball on a stick invention back in the 90s? Wasn't quite sure what it was all about like

  7. David Howard

    Good to see everyone so optimistic and happy, most probably in a state of disbelief at what has occurred since October but especially since the turn of the year. A season of 2 halves to paraphrase a football term. Looks like an excellent day out, lovely weather, you will be signing autographs at this rate and opens Aldis. Another good video

  8. Gazza G

    Brilliant as usual Eddie I’m just catching up on all the Toon craic and soaking up the atmosphere through your videos as been at sea now for 6 weeks 🫤 Keep up the great work buddy ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️

  9. Andy Allom

    Suggested to Adam P, it would be great if you two could team up and do your version of Harry Pearson's The Far Corner : A Mazy Dribble Across North East Football. Together, you would do an amazing job.

  10. Raymond Boakes

    Cracking vlog Eddy ,enjoyed interviews with Kieth and Bez, fans amazing as per usual.Looks like it was great day mate ,nice one.

  11. D J 23 65

    Very pleased to see the season end with a win.Personally, I didn't really enjoy that season, so much worry as normal supporting Newcastle. However, I hope next season we'll start to finally go places. 🙂

  12. Andrew Field

    What a brilliant second half to the season! Newcastle is alive again and we have hope can't wait for the transfer window ⚫⚪⚫⚪

  13. Deejay Swifty

    I’ve went back to the start 3 times just to watch that kid come and show off his tattoo and the silence that accompanies it 🤣 You can’t script shit like that like. Anyways, love your videos mate, really enjoy the history ones as well as these match day vlogs. Keep it up!

  14. Graham Bell

    Just watched all 3 vlogs Eddy, a sterling Sunday performance 👏from Tyneside Life! The Downey interview was insightful and wor Roobenstein was absolutely right in his view for the season ahead. Wise words. Great atmosphere and craic at "NUFC Central" 🥳. Thanks for the NUFC season finale Eddy 👌

  15. Martin Holroyd

    A BIG THANK YOU from Leeds for doing the business @ Burnley instead of being on the beach…👏👏👏👏

  16. RazagalArtanis

    Great videos, you've really helped bring this season to life for those fans like me who don't live in the North.

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