@bazza080808 brings you an update from out the blue… Pepe from Arsenal is at an advance stage and is almost agreed in a cut price deal.

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  1. Kenneth Walker

    I don't know where you get your information from
    But what a load of rubbish you come out with. All of you just listen too others. Who also just guess. Just let the owners do there job. And trust them. THERE'S NO WAY WE'RE GONNA SIGN PEPE. REALLY CAN YOU NOT COME UP WITH SOMETHING BETTER THAN THAT

  2. Football Man

    As an Arsenal fan I don't rate him.The Arsenal hierarchy will be rubbing their hands with glee if they can fob him off on you plus he's injury prone.

  3. Rotter

    No way that has to be crap this guy is so poor if we get him that is a bad bit of business just like wood is I hope your wrong

  4. Active Arron

    If it’s a cut price deal I think Howe can get the best out of him. He was very highly rated before Arsenal signed him

  5. Chesrae

    Buddy, Szoboszlai is a hard name for any non Hungarian to pronounce so we'll let you off the hook on this one 😂

  6. Mark. K

    I just believe this to be total boll**ks . This is not what the new ownership is about. Moody failure at Arsenal. Disrespectful to Manager, to teammates and a loose Cannon…..we need Pepe as much as we need Mike Ashley…….Exclusive Mike Ashley to buy Newcastle

  7. Jonathan Waugh

    If we get Pepe I’ll cry, he’s absolutely terrible, and ive watched him loads, would have to be incredibly cheap as it’s a huge risk in my opinion.

  8. Stephen Hunt

    Not Pepe please for the love of god, Dominik Szoboszlai is a hell of a talent plays for r.b Leipzig baz dfb-polkal is a German competition, he’s a baller mate hope this one is true Pepe no thank you

  9. Ketsbaia9

    Ekitike is the first through the door. What happens if he's another David Bellion though? We need proven strikers.

  10. Ketsbaia9

    We keep being linked with club rejects. If Henderson was any good, he'd be starting ahead of D'Gea. Is D'Gea better than Dubravka? I'm not so sure

  11. Teddy

    I take the piss out of Pepe all the time when bantering with arse fans. I won’t know what to do with myself if this deal pulls off 😂

  12. George Browne

    Plays for DFB Pokel?! Cmon baz 😂😉 for sure don't think howe has any interest in pepe, might be wrong but it seems like bad attitudes mixed with silly wages won't tempt newcastle.

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