Evolución de St James’ Park – Newcastle United FC

St James’ Park es un estadio de fútbol en Newcastle upon Tyne, Inglaterra. Es el hogar del club Newcastle United FC de la Premier League. Con una capacidad de 52.388 asientos, es el octavo estadio de fútbol más grande de Inglaterra. Canción: Fredji – Happy Life (Vlog No Copyright Music) Música proporcionada por Vlog No Copyright Music. Enlace de vídeo: #nufc #stjamespark #newcastle

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29 comentarios en “Evolución de St James’ Park – Newcastle United FC

  1. Stronk Serbia

    when you need a telescope to be able to see the players you know the club have stopped caring about their fans

  2. Anthony ANTACID

    1:15 in is what st james' looked like when I first ever went in the late 80's and into the early 90's even if I remember correctly.anyone remember the old bogs…wow they were real public lavvys them I can tell you that the smell of piss was bezerk…I remember reading above the oissa…"CLAP YOUR HANDS,JUMP FOR JOY,I EAS HERE BEFORE KILROY" …

  3. Luis Felipe Jimenez Callizaya

    Me encanta este Estadium, un sueño que tengo es que pueda visitarlo algún día, saludos desde BOLIVIA! ❤️

  4. Chris Rowe

    Am I right in thinking that if they did build the other two stands to the same level as the new ones that Newcastle would have the biggest stadium in the UK?

  5. BillyfromConsett

    Took Sir John Hall to really develop the stadium. The previous owners, even in good times, with the place packed every week, seemed to spend very little on comfort for fans.
    Onwards and upwards!

  6. rs S

    It so weird because I've been to Luton twice but never been to Newcastle (although I have been to Port Vale twice as well)

  7. Marina Sala

    Lucky those houses on the right are listed imagine having a building in front of your house that takes away all light!

  8. David Howard

    My first game early 60's, you could smell the toilets before you got near the place has now become a great stadium and kept is passion, which seems to go when clubs relocate to brand new stadia or diminish.

  9. Yogi 77

    Mess of a stadium same as Anfield be better knocked down and build new one Newcastle always be a small club same as man city no matter how much money they spend

  10. TheDefJamm

    Got to be the one stadium in the country (the world maybe) that looks the most different to the original, and has had the most work done in different stages and not all at once.

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