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  1. Gus Gone

    So pleased that Miggy is showing just how good a player he can be when supported by equally good team mates. The lad runs his heart out every game and shows amazingly quick reflexes.

  2. David Howard

    14 points by early October not achieved till January last year, whilst the previous custodian continues his mission to relegate the Baggies, oh what a feeling TOON TOON

  3. Andy Allom

    Miggy is showing the consistency that everyone is asking for. And scoring goals.
    He CANNOT be dropped even when Isak is fit again. Eddie just needs to shuffle the pack.

  4. Private Eye

    What can I say, hmmm Botman is absolutely class
    When a ball comes anywhere near our box he's like a piranha.
    Kid is very special 10+ today.

  5. Paul Hadden

    Absolutely awesome just what Eddie has been training the team to play like.. Look out manure the toon are on the move.

  6. Nobby

    Cheers Paul for your post match video, good too watch 😎. It’s just poetry in motion, last Saturday 1-4 against Fulham and then to-day, demolished Brentford 5-1. Hail, hail rock n’ roll.

  7. Jonathan Ward

    Think their offside goal was very harsh, thought it should’ve stood. If that went against us we’d be raging. But overall we played well, Brentford defensively were awful. Can’t wait to see how we match up against Man United next weekend, that will be the real test of how far we’ve come

  8. Northumberland Geordie

    Great performance all over the park but Brentford are God awful. All you can do is beat what's infront of you. Up the mags

  9. Nicholas Sinclair

    After that vid,Paul,and the great day you had,I hope you drove safely home,parked the car and had a few cans either at home or at your local tonight!👌👍😂
    NUFC on the up and on fire!❤🔥

  10. peter frazier

    Non stop pushing forward and harassing, plus skillful Football, Goals, what more can you want. Miggy is a revelation, his confidence is sky high. The future is bright, no doubt about it.

  11. Paul

    Yeh I think some of them passes from burn today could of ended up a lot worse like. I’d feel more comfortable with target at LB against manu

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