Newcastle United sumó otros tres puntos en la Premier League al vencer 1-0 al Everton en St James’ Park. Un fútbol fantástico jugado en la primera mitad podría habernos dado una mayor ventaja y nos mantuvimos muy apretados defensivamente en la segunda mitad. Miggy una vez más con un grito!!!! La tienda online de Toon Review ya está disponible. Obtenga la mercancía de su canal desde aquí: si aprecia el canal y lo que hacemos, puede donar al canal presionando el botón «Gracias» debajo del video. Conviértase en miembro de la familia The Toon Review: si disfruta el programa, no olvide presionar el botón Me gusta y ayúdenos a seguir haciendo crecer el canal. Si eres nuevo y te gusta lo que ves o aún no lo has hecho, considera suscribirte al canal. The Toon Review se enorgullece de patrocinar al equipo de fútbol femenino U8 de Cramlington United para la temporada 2022-23. #NEWCASTLEUNITED #INSTANTREACTION #THETOONREVIEW Ahora tenemos un servidor Discord en el que puede registrarse aquí: Twitter: @thetoonreview Facebook: Instagram: thetoonreview Consultas comerciales:

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  1. tlmanker

    Love the show guys but please dont put the score in the thumbnail if possible as i watch the games after work in the US and this came across as an alert on my phone as I just started the 2nd half which kind of ruined it 🙁

  2. Nicholas Sinclair

    Great result,last night,Paul,and as you noted the EPL is a 'marathon' not a 'sprint'👌;and Sunday's match against THFC should be interesting,as they seems to be losing their momemtum atm.😏Anyway,HWTL!👍

  3. The DeviousOrange

    miggy goalmiron on fire.

    I couldn't watch the game until today and people were saying we were bad but I think we played well it was a professional 1-0 win, I love cleansheets

  4. ben southwell

    we went to sleep in the second half yet again! Its becoming a habit home and a way, we have to be more ruthless in the 90 minutes we are given.

  5. Northumberland Geordie

    Can't wait to see what we're like when shelvey is back and Bruno is pushed further forward, longstaff wasn't great last night again

  6. Poolie-mag

    Tbf I wasn't worried at all everton threw everything at us second halfamd still couldn't get a shot away our defence was immense and miggy only scores worldies long may it continue hwtl the toon go marching on 🖤🤍

  7. David Howard

    A good professional performance when not quite at our best, its what good teams do, excellent 3 points. Quite surreal not having to worry about relegation

  8. Carlos

    I can’t stress the importance of our midfielders getting into double figures and Almiron is on track that’s the sign of a progressive organised team with a solid defence and midfield..and that’s what gets you climbing the table.

  9. Billy Woodward

    How many different unbelievable ways can Miggy score goals, if he keeps this up Goal of Season will be all scored by him.

  10. Devon Hall

    Thanks for the picture of you and Mr Peter Proudlock tonight Paul. Anthony Gordon is a disgrace he deserved to be sent off hate the cunt just as much as that SMB Pickford the dinosaur 🦕 our defence is absolutely solid miggy what a goal again he jeeps this up player of the season for us so far HWTL ❤️

  11. Gazza G

    HWTL ⚫️⚪️agree totally dominant first half and looked solid in second half!
    Bruno could if had a couple and how good (yet again!) did Anderson look coming on! 🎉

  12. Kendo

    Howe just keeps smashing it… from worst defence to the best defence in the league … and without a back 10 and a false 9 & 10! We’ll y’know 🥬

  13. Jack Burton

    In fairness to Everton they did play through our midfield on occasion with some good passing but we quickly shut them out. Schar was so good. We had a great spell before and after the goal. Some careless play but overall a very solid display. Bring on Spurs!

  14. Francisco Javier Ruiz

    Paul you look very happy and that is good to see! I love that we got the 3 points and love that Miggy (our smiling jackrabbit) ! But I didn't like the way we played, our boys looked gassed. But again, super happy about the 3 points. Massive cheers mate!

  15. F4RR3LL


  16. Judy Hopps

    Going to sound stupid but I actually cried after this game. Just for a few minutes. I realized it's because I'm not used to the lack of stress. Ive been conditioned to have panic attacks and depression looking at the table, but to see us 6th and not 18th? Holy cow. One glass of white wine later and I was settled, and then that feeling of relief became absolute happiness.

  17. Black&White Army

    Schar Motm for me but brilliant performance, they kept possession but done nowt with it and what a goal by Miggy btw! Best defence in the league (by far)

  18. Robert Fleming

    Momentum, that’s what it’s all about buddy. Miggy wonder strike, Prickford left on his arse and 3 more in the bag. The Geordie monster is awaking from 15 years of slumber. Premier League be scared, be very scared!

  19. Dave bulman

    Anderson looked very good when he came on, would like to see him get some more game time, longstaff too slow on ball. Good 3 points and defence excellent again

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