Tottenham 1-2 Newcastle [INSTANT MATCH REACTION]

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32 comentarios en “Tottenham 1-2 Newcastle [INSTANT MATCH REACTION]

  1. Kasey

    Life comes at you fast couple weeks ago you was saying that spurs are clear of arsenal Bare confidence didn’t even last a couple weeks and look at you 🤣🤣 🤣

  2. oneDINGO

    We need Romero, Holberg and kulo in the team without them it makes a big difference in my opinion. Still we got to be a little patient, January another big window needed.

  3. Rob Catlin

    I think we need to admit that even with world class Conte and all the money we spent when we ‘won the transfer window’ that we have over hyped ourselves massively. We are nowhere near as good as we think we are. It’s a joke that we secretly thought we’d be in a title race. What a joke of a club.

  4. Martin Hunter

    remember when time wasting used to be knowing as 'running the clock down' or 'game management' until NUFC started doing it…funny that

  5. Alan Taylor

    What we need is a new goalkeeper, 2 decent wingbacks, a centre back and a creative midfield player. Will will get them? With Levy in charge of the purse strings, no chance.

  6. Alan Taylor

    Lloris is a liability. He costs us more points than he saved us. Dier is exactly the same, costs us points. Can't pass or control the ball, in fact our players look like they are trying to trap a balloon.

  7. Henry Byrd

    Spurs style of play can be very effective. Defend in numbers in your own half, when the other team lose the ball, get it upfield quickly. The problem occurs if the other team can get the ball back straight away when they lose it. Eddie Howe's Newcastle clearly demonstrated how to nullify Conte's system.

  8. Chris Woolley

    After the 1st 10 mins Newcastle totally outplayed spurs. spurs have no midfield. you two must have been watching a different game if you think Newcastle's best player was the ref.

  9. Jack Uzell

    Take Kane and son out of our team and we’re a mid table team
    Dier Davies Sanchez Doherty royal lloris lenglet sessengon aren’t good enough yet they start week in week out chasing a game and he brings in Doherty and Davies

    EniC out Lewis out levy out parasites to our wonderful football club 21 years one trophy isn’t good enough time to go

  10. Phil P

    Hugo’s time is up! Shocking mistakes on both goals. For me it was a foul, but he should’ve come and cleared the clear and ironed Wilson out too. W E A K AF! He is ruining his legacy.

    There is NO part of the team that is functioning properly.

  11. luke Saddington

    "Newcastle's best player was the REF". Come on now. Spurs played well until Newcastle scored, after that Spurs were second best.

  12. Mick Howes

    as soon as you see Sanchez and Royal in defence, coupled with Dier and Lloris you know your in trouble and so it proved! Schoolboy defending and what was Lloris doing when he came out?! Clear the ball, hoof it into row z but not piss about trying to beat the attacker! We are still third (somehow) and we are desperate for the transfer window again! Why not try Forster in goal or Spence in defence? Bassouma ? Meh! Perisic? Meh! Bentancour was the only one running and trying. What's happened to Son? Woeful performance and as for Conte ? Meh!

  13. machoman richards

    Man of Tottenham fans were delusional to think Eric Dier has been solid so far at the back. Dier, Emerson and Sessegnon is our weakest link and they make other players super bad. Perisic is dead, he is finished! His flare has gone and his style is hurting Sonny.

  14. Sam Spokes

    8 defensive minded players on the pitch at home. Lost 1-2.
    What’s the point in having all those defensive players on the pitch?!
    Faced 66 shots at our goal in 3 games (chavs, scum and Utd) what is the point in having all those defensive players on the f-ing pitch?!

  15. L K

    Said this so many times but we won't win trophies with Dier, Sanchez, Lloris, Davies, Emerson in starting eleven. We are riddled with clumsy players !

  16. Dusan Vrabec

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loosing and bringing Doherty and Davies. Please anyone, really anyone, try to explain it to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. SandD Simpson

    The defenders are always nervous because we have lloris in goal.He constantly puts them under pressure with his poor passing and his knack for spilling the ball early on in games which sets the wrong tone or at crucial times in games when we are playing well.

  18. Barter Hordes

    Newcastle fan here… really liked your analysis until you blamed it on the ref. You got whipped by a better-prepared team today and Royal got away with one, possibly two penalty shouts.

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