Newcastle United vs Chelsea en vivo Watchalong

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28 comentarios en “Newcastle United vs Chelsea en vivo Watchalong

  1. Rahul Phangcho

    Chelsea in the deep end. Fair to say Graham Potter's Chelsea is playing a new kind of pressing football called 'Depressing'.

  2. Vansh R

    Don't lose hope chelsea fans… As a barca fan humne bhaut bura waqt dekha h mujhse pucho itni injury k baad meri team UCL m hoti chaye league ksi bhi ho… M khush hota bhaut chlo Up the chels

  3. Rahul Wanjari

    From top tier German sources. Kai Havertz is still wanted by Bayern Munich. Last summer window, Bayern asked for Havertz after Lewa to Barca, but Chelsea wasn't interested.

  4. Study MF

    Baba here's a question.
    Do u think someone like Ragnick can come in as a sporting director or as in the role that United would have used if not sacked

  5. Manas Das

    Sabse pehle toh medical team pe Sawal uthne chahiye pichle season bhi James aur Chilwell crucial time pe injured ho gye uske baad se decline start ho gya Tuchel ka ….iss baar bhi same multiple injuries aaj to rlc bhi gya…may seem as an excuse but losing James, Kante is destructive…..World Cup couldn’t have come at a better time than this….

  6. Ayushya Kaul

    Years of poor recruitment and no plan coming to fruition. Tuchel made this average team look good. Guy was a true genius , hell he made us win 3 trophies along with 3 cup finals!
    Just shows how good Tuchel was, did he have a bad patch, of course, who doesn't, this team always needed a reshuffle. But he was the man with a vision. Only manager since Conte who instilled a distinct identity which was also successful

  7. Ayushya Kaul

    We're a banter club now. Change needed, only pain and suffering will follow. Is Potter the answer ? Idk , at least I don't think so but it's irrelevant. We've made far too many mediocre signings with no long term vision or manager in mind. Had to happen.

  8. Ayushya Kaul

    It's too harsh to judge him now but potter is not giving me Chelsea vibes. Like why isn't he agitated at such shite performances ? How is he fine with such plays, it's kind frustrating. He doesn't even look angry at times !

  9. R K

    Bring Back Thomas Tuchel Champion league manager 💙💙💙 he is stil available.Hall can replace mount.mount sugar coated fans still average.look foden .mount can't be player of season when rudiger deserve it .with mount on attack we r going backwards.Sack potter now . Thomas Tuchel made us champion league winner when we were 8 th .no excuses for potter ball.Bohely ru hearing bring Back Thomas Tuchel 💙💙💙

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