El Newcastle United se enfrenta al Chelsea en St James’ Park en su último partido de la Premier League antes del descanso de la Copa del Mundo. Newcastle se encuentra en el tercer lugar antes del juego y le gustaría mucho quedarse allí durante el descanso. Únase a Billy mientras le presenta las alineaciones de los equipos y la construcción, seguida de un comentario completo del juego. La tienda online de Toon Review ya está disponible. Obtenga la mercancía de su canal desde aquí: si aprecia el canal y lo que hacemos, puede donar al canal presionando el botón «Gracias» debajo del video. Conviértase en miembro de la familia The Toon Review: si disfruta el programa, no olvide presionar el botón Me gusta y ayúdenos a seguir haciendo crecer el canal. Si eres nuevo y te gusta lo que ves o aún no lo has hecho, considera suscribirte al canal. The Toon Review se enorgullece de patrocinar al equipo de fútbol femenino U8 de Cramlington United para la temporada 2022-23. #NEWCASTLEUNITED #PREMIERLEAGUELIVE #THETOONREVIEW Ahora tenemos un servidor Discord en el que puede registrarse aquí: Twitter: @thetoonreview Facebook: Instagram: thetoonreview Consultas comerciales:

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  1. David Howard

    The Chelsea you tube channels are melting down, early Potter out rumblings etc, etc., another example of how throwing money at it does not always work, due diligence is required if your going splash large amounts of wonga, the no dickhead rule needs to be in place. We are in 3rd on merit can we sustain this ?, we will find out after 26th December what I do know is the EH and his team will have meticulously planned the second half of the season, time to sit back and enjoy the ride..

  2. optimalforager

    Cracking commentary as always Billy…If Wilson had played, he would have converted at least one of the chances Wood had I am sure…Take it easy…


    What a buzz, I was so glad that the big names fell through and Eddie was appointed. Obviously never expected this so quickly BUT this is to those that moaned and mocked the appointment. I dont know how anybody could be annoyed at getting a manager that took a broke bottom of the football league's team and take them to the Prem with the budget they had is a true Football man. People saying yeah but he got Bournemouth relegated and cant look past that….unreal. I have been a Toon fan for nearly 40 years and this is the best football I have seen us play. Exactly the Newcastle philosophy of you score 3 we gonna score 4. So excited now to January transfer window and do feel a bit sorry for those who will be dislodged as all are breaking bollox for each other and its amazing but even next season I believe that we will be challenging.

  4. James McCarthy

    If we'd got Maddison before the season started we'd be top of the league now. If we go for him in January or in the summer, post his England call-up, it'll be close to £100m.

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