Charlotte y Alex reaccionan a (otra) brillante victoria del Newcastle United contra el Chelsea en St James’ Park mientras aseguran el tercer lugar en el receso de la temporada para la Copa del Mundo. Charlotte y Alex están de vuelta para conversar sobre la clase de NUFC (por supuesto), las redes sociales temáticas de gatos locos de Bruno que no tienen sentido (¿o sí?) y nuestros valientes muchachos heroicos teniendo una fiesta bien merecida en… Londres. ¡Gracias a todos y cada uno de nuestros suscriptores! Consulte nuestro Patreon para obtener más contenido de audio exclusivo cada semana. Puedes seguir a True Faith en Facebook, Instagram y Twitter:

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  1. Ian Eckert

    …She will not divorce me for some reason…The Everton USA Chairwoman 2009 sold the Marriage to me Boys and Germs…Chicago Illinois and how could I say no to that ffs…

  2. Ian Eckert

    The Everton USA Chairwoman 2009…She has Buggered off to Sunderland or Durham and I am furious…Not really…She was a Fucking Nightmare Boys and Germs…

  3. Richard Ferguson

    Watching the team just pass the ball around in the box and then, oh look we're down buzzing Chelsea. Goddamn CLASS. It's a Christmas miracle!

  4. BillyfromConsett

    We came out on top of a close game! 1-0 is close. Chelsea did have a couple of chances in the second half – Pope pulled off a decent save for one of them. Fantastic win but it wasn’t a thrashing guys. Just hope Botman’s ankle is ok.

  5. Roger Cook

    The atmosphere! At end was amazing, inside SJ and outside! PIF got a taste of how things could/will be when we win something! I can't wait!

  6. Stephen Harper-Brown

    Botman is pure class, you barely notice he's playing because he is always in the right position, never any mad defending, just composed elegance!! He's fucking brilliant.

  7. Paul M

    Thought mad dog tindall would be more likely to come in with a haymaker than be a peacemaker at the end. Another great win 👍 Nice to see the opposition come up and park the bus for a change

  8. Geordie Toon for life.

    We are Fucking CLASS😉 I knew Dan Burn wouldn’t forget the elbow from last year because I didn’t and he’s a Blyth lad😉over too you Alex 🤣🖤🤍🖤🤍

  9. C T

    As a Villa fan, I’d much rather see Newcastle up there and challenging than any the SKY favourites. I was there two weeks ago when you smashed us to pieces and think you’ll hang on in there, particularly as you have an excellent coach in EH. We have one too now, so hopefully in a years time….?? UTV

  10. Stevie J

    Aye just imagine if we'd not been stitched on those var decisions and the 98th minute goal for Liverpool, I know its not going to matter but wait till the end of the season and we're only a few points off the title, how much those games are going to hurt even more. But HWTLS a cracking set of characters in the team, manager and the backroom staff

  11. Gordon Kelly

    I'm so confused. I've spent a decade+ being scared of everyone and now I watch the supposed best teams in league thinking "Botman wouldn't have missed that… Pope would've saved that… Bruno's way better than him… Wilson scores that…"

    I guess this is what it feels like to be FUCKING CLASS!

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