Newcastle United no puede vencer a Leeds, ¿el tributo en solitario de Bruno y demasiado Mad Dog?

Charlotte y Alex regresan de forma remota para hablar sobre un empate DESASTROSO (no realmente) con Leeds. También mencionan que Bruno no le dijo a Joelinton que usara una camiseta de Brasil, así como que Mad Dog hizo que el equipo se pusiera nervioso ante la provocación y la pérdida de tiempo de los jugadores de Leeds. ¡Recuerde obtener su #asktftv en su canal de YouTube favorito de #nufc! ¡Gracias a todos y cada uno de nuestros suscriptores! Consulte nuestro Patreon para obtener más contenido de audio exclusivo cada semana. Puedes seguir a True Faith en Facebook, Instagram y Twitter:

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43 comentarios en “Newcastle United no puede vencer a Leeds, ¿el tributo en solitario de Bruno y demasiado Mad Dog?

  1. Mike Fraser

    Love the YouTube and podcasts. Just listened to the latest pod. I agree with Si, if we win a cup we stay top 4 it means the key players will stay fit

  2. Paul Schlader

    I'll admit, I was a bit over the top in my initial reaction to the draw. I appreciate Alex's sarcasm. We're still third in the league as well as class, even though our performance on that soggy night was less than. #asktftv Thoughts on Ronaldo joining us if we qualify for Champions League? His contract verbiage is a bit unclear, so I'm unsure if we're forced to take him, or if it's simply an option for the Mags to activate should we qualify. Further, do we believe that Mad dog, could set him straight?

  3. gerard brady GerardB

    I thought Newcastle should off had at lease two players sent off , The ref allow them to put hands in players face, I dont think Newcastle will finish in the top four, not this season

  4. Phil Cross

    The way I see it. Still unbeaten in the last 14 (I think). Another clean sheet. Still 3rd. Missing our main striker.

    On another day we batter them. It is what it is. We move on to Arsenal tonight. I for one can not wait to see how it goes. I think we win. As mad as it sounds. I think we win. Big Joe needs to move back into the middle in my opinion and get maxi on. Give them something to worry about.

  5. Carl Thornton

    I think it's a testament to how far we've come so quickly that there's an air of disappointment with the result, but looking at the Spurs and tonight's Liverpool games I think we should be positive. We're not going to win the league this season, but let's just enjoy where we are now and hope for the future… yes HOPE, a feeling we lost for so many years

    BTW Charlotte, looking great in the video, sat on your floor in front of the radiator?

  6. Paul Hodges

    No idea who the ferk you are but, appy noo year Charlotte. Yeah I'm brazen. 😊 Can't hurt sending nice vibes.

  7. Simon Davies

    #TF Do we now need cover at left back, right back, central midfield and a forward? Circa 21 year old full backs signed and two starting first teamers in this window? Ashby and fran garcia or ivan fresnada for example with maddison and caicedo perhaps.

  8. Dale Hanson

    Missed Isaak and a fit Wilson to put those chances away. Arsenal will be a good test for us. Top 10 would be a good season from last year so top 6 or even 4 is astonishing. I've supported NUFC for over 50 years – this is a special time (I still remember Tino against Barcelona and those days could come again!!)

  9. kath chandler

    I don't like Leeds either …Charlotte's right, they were classier under Bielsa (sp?) Now they're returning to the Leeds I remember in the 60's as a 14 year old schoolgirl …dorty, dorty, Leeds …the team AND the dorty fans ! Bring on Arsenal & , I think, a 1-1 draw 😉

  10. Mark Jefferson

    I wonder if Callum Wilson was watching the previous episode and got a bit jealous of Mad Dog having Miggy and Bruno tattooed on his knuckles, hence his spicy boi shenanigans

  11. david john Cook

    Too much Mad Dog…. we need "spicey balls and spunk and not small willies"… you said it Charlotte! Mad dog plays a big part in what we are ?🤣🤣🤣

  12. david john Cook

    at least we created plenty of chances, cant help being disappointed but we have come so far, and we can turn over Arsenal and be happy.

  13. Lee Golder

    Big Joe and Wilson were both lucky boys today. Thought we had enough chances to win it, poor finishing all round.

  14. Ketch0r

    I actually found the CCTV camera that Bruno had installed in my house. Instead of taking it down i just stand in front of it a few hours a day with one of those "can i have your shirt" signs all the kids have now.

  15. TheAsa1972

    Managers live and die on their Strikers and Eddie cant pick one ,Wood has 5 goals in 1 full year and Isak is as weak as piss and has 2 goals, That is over £80 million quid,Everyone and their dog knows he should of got Mitrovic back

  16. Shaun McHugh

    Can we have a Charlotte head level to match the result/mood every week? I feel if I was asked to draw a line of the Leeds match on my wall, just above the radiator is where I would go.

  17. Ray Ray

    Harsh on longstaff that when wood is far worse 🤣🤣 we are still class no panic we will beat arsenal 😂😂 great vid 👍

  18. Jason Pettitt

    Was an odd day at the church. Atmosphere was a bit flat, Leeds shithoused their way to a point and on another day(and much reflection) we hump them into oblivion by about 5. Class show again btw. Love these videos!

  19. George Morley

    Thing is, Leeds parked the bus, but we had chances still and we weren’t good enough on the day to make them count. It wasn’t down to Leeds that we drew, it was down to us that we didn’t win. That’s why I was irritated by this draw.

  20. Gryph Lane

    If a scrappy 0-0 draw is the worst we're going to deal with then bring on the rest of the season. Nobody's getting past our back line and we're fucking class

  21. Noel Pipkin

    We should not expect too much too soon. It is just over a year since we were fighting relegation. It takes years to build a championship winning side. But the foundations are there. Newcastle need to strengthen the midfield and a did a couple of forwards. Also they need to look for young players that can be groomed for the future. With the money they have this will be inevitable. Patience is a virtue.

    Remember against Leeds we were playing in pouring rain. This affects traction on the pitch which favours the less skilful players.

    If there was an issue against Leeds it was the way the players lost control of their emotions.

  22. Owl House

    I say temper the mad dog – use the mad dog when absolutely necessary, in focused bursts of mad doggedness. We are still class, but with great class comes great responsibility! 🖤🤍

  23. Richard Ferguson

    Happy New Year to you both (and the rest of the crew). Is it true there were some boos at the match? If so, there's some people who need to have a look in the mirror and have a stern word with themselves. #notclass.

  24. Davy Moley

    Well I was a bit disappointed in that game as most of our team left their shooting boots in the changers but I have to say this has made me smile n believe, it was what it was n what it wasn't was a defeat 😀

  25. Kev Lamb

    Happy New year to the pair of you from Down Under, you are both fucking class. Howay the Lads and the Lasses

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