En este video, James Allcott echa un vistazo a la acción de los fines de semana de la Premier League, incluido el Newcastle United, y su cargo por los lugares de la Champions League. Echa un vistazo a mi canal de pantalones cortos – JLA SHORTS👉 SUSCRÍBETE AL CANAL AQUÍ: 🎥 👉 SIGUE A JAMES EN TWITCH 👉 ÚNETE A NOSOTROS EN EL JAFN PATREON 🎧 👉 SUSCRÍBETE A ‘THE PROCESS’: 🎧 👉 SIGUE A JAMES EN TWITTER: 👉 SIGUE A JAMES EN INSTAGRAM: 👉📸 El contenido de @jlallcott James Allcott se centra en la Premier League, Champions League, EFL Championship hablando sobre Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham, Barcelona, ​​Inglaterra, Chelsea, Jurgen Klopp, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, noticias de transferencia, análisis táctico y mucho más. James ha hecho contenido con Mark Goldbridge de United Stand, Rory Jennings, The Kick Off con True Geordie, Thogden, JaackMaate, ESPN y muchos más. #WorldCup2022 #JLA #fútbol

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  1. Big Joe

    I think one thing people don't value about listening to the fans is the free think tank you're provided with to pilfer idea's from if they're worthwhile…listening to the fans is also a quick way to endear yourself faster as the owner…why wouldn't you in todd's position

  2. Oliver Dorman

    Hey James, wonder what you think of this, I went to Italy whilst Conte was at inter and asked a fan how he works

    The most rememberable piece of info he gave me was that Conte is a mentally & physically demanding coach but to quote the Italian fan

    "His teams CANNOT play twice in a week, it's too much for them with the intense training"


  3. budweizer100

    Could I suggest adding time stamps with descriptions to your videos? Also, you could add an image of the match you're talking about e.g. Newcastle and Fulham badges into the corner.
    The reason being that I'm a Newcastle fan so not really interested in the London derby. When skipping through to the Newcastle match it's hard to tell other than jumping ahead and listening for a minute to work out which players you're taking about.

  4. Dylan Zhang

    As an Arsenal fan, I don't know why I'm being asked about my opinion regarding Boehly in a Twitter space. If you really want to know though, I think it's great, and he should listen to everything that is said on those Twitter spaces. They're usually full of wisdom and rational thinking, and Boehly should definitely run Chelsea by using Twitter spaces.

  5. Sandy Christie

    Funny you mention the Newcastle tactic. I've seen the exact same with saka, white and ødegaard. Is it a new litmus test for a top team?

  6. Nick Campbell

    reviews Arsenal v. Tottenham first
    comments how in Chelsea there were some cracking shots from distance and how we don't see those anymore
    looks back at the Arsenal v. Totteham game and Odeegard's goal

  7. Steven Webster

    AFC fan here. We’ve lost plenty of targets so to not get involved in bidding wars and have always had contingency plans. And we are top of the league.

  8. Kieran

    Isak and Wilson could be a good partnership but ‘best in years’ is a stretch with Kane and Son the last couple of seasons😂

  9. Ocelot

    Please don't pronounce it "Boob A Car".
    That's not what his name is and it's pretty offensive to say it that way.

    It is a derivation of "Abu Bakr," who was the man who took over rulership of the Muslims after the Prophet Muhammad's death.

    The correct pronunciation would be close to that: "-bu Bakr'.

    Just find an Arab person saying this name and you will understand how to say it. I know it's not natural to the Western tongue, but we make the effort to say your names properly, even when they're names like Siobhan, which looks nothing like the way it sounds.

  10. Phiaklang Tangjang

    As a Newcastle fan, sometimes it is very frustrating when the team creates 20+ chances in a match and end up only scoring one or couple at most.. We really need to strengthen our attacking options and dept at the back as well

  11. Big Burrito

    say what you will about Todd Boehly, but the man is a pure sports executive. he's bringing modern ideas into a sport that is uniquely resistant to change. part of me believes he will just be good for Chelsea and bad for the sport in general, but i could see some of the more positive aspects of his untraditional approach benefiting teams at many levels of the sport.

  12. Jorrit Claessen

    I think the fact he jumped in a twitter space was really cool. It showed that he really has heart for the club and wants to better it. Even listening to the fans

  13. Ben KOJ

    Mudryk isnt 100 million 🥱 its 88 million and only 60 upfront, if we win the prem and champions league and the add ons get activated we wont give a shit about his price, really boring now

  14. Craig Lee

    James, in the last 12 months only 2 teams have collected more points than Newcastle, Arsenal and Citeh, its only a handful of points. The form they're on is 12 months old, how long until theyre recognised as a good side?

  15. Craig Lee

    As a Newcastle fan we're just enjoying the ride. 14 years as a non entity where the owner wasn't interested in anything other than advertising his company. Wherever we finish will be progress and better than anything we've witnessed for years. It's our party and you can cry if you want too!

  16. Newcastle Fans TV

    But but but we're buying our way to success. Sidenote James, Isak didn't play up top vs Fulham. He played in the 10.

  17. Kieran

    Spurs didn’t play like this at all second half of last season. We were playing teams off the park including City away. The stark contrast to this season is absolutely baffling

  18. Ubermelon

    I think Boehly can't win. I think he is saying all the right things are trying to do all the right things. They just haven't all come off

  19. Tom

    Us Arsenal fans and James have a symbiotic relationship. He provides the content and probably best footballing takes on youtube, and we come in our numbers and make him dosh. It's a win-win.

  20. averykindsirful

    It makes me really happy as an Arsenal fan to see Eddie finally get his opportunity and show that he is capable of leading the line incredibly well. All he needs is the consistency in his touch and quality in front of goal. His movement is beautiful and he always ends up in really dangerous areas.

  21. CelticDaft

    Edouard had 4 goal contributions in 6 games, 3 of which being goals (which Palace are in desperate need of having scored only 17 goals this season) before being out for a minor injury and now finds himself out the team when they're out of form. Scoring in his only start since against Southampton in the cup. Ludicrous.

  22. Private Eye

    If Newcastle where more prolific in the opposition's box we'd only be a couple of points behind Arsenal there's been 3 games that we should've definitely won but ended up draw and the Liverpool game should've 100% been a draw….that's 7 points all because of very very poor finishing, I can wait till Newcastle really take off and start destroying teams "relentlessly"

  23. C AV

    Ashley Young vs Gnonto was a great battle. Rare that you can say two players directly against each other both had a great game.

  24. Cameron Phillips

    Fantastic commitment by Mudryk to already committing to playing under 6 different managers during his 8 year contract 👏

  25. Andrew Dipple

    How could you even consider criticising Todd Boehly for joining the Twitter space and having a clear interest in the fan base?

    It’s almost certainly not him and just an employee doing research for him. But literally every fan wants to be heard and know the owners care. By all means ignore the dumb takes from Twitter and listen to the recruitment team, but if you want to be a popular owner, let tour fans know you care about their opinion.

  26. Wil Benson

    Still can't believe that we got Kamara on a free. If Gerrard did one thing right for us, it was that. Please stop talking about him though – we'd like to avoid drawing any attention to how disgustingly good he is

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