Reconstruyo el NEWCASTLE UNITED de forma REALISTA 👀

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26 comentarios en “Reconstruyo el NEWCASTLE UNITED de forma REALISTA 👀

  1. 089Stargazer

    whenever i tried to sim for a season there is always some players that is not happy, lack of game time, 0 sharpness, etc. i wonder if Cani having the same problem

  2. Nugget

    I hate how people doesn't understand how financial fair play works. Newcastle can only spend that much accordingly with their general revenue in a season. Same was for Man City and PSG.

  3. Gabsuiii

    When I did this last FIFA I signed Bruno Guimares as the first transfer. Two months later it happened in real life. Call me pro scout

  4. Peter Vasovčák

    fam you want to play botman because your back up cb is shite… stop fooling us and make a proper rebuilt…

  5. Ryan Oliver

    i feel like new castle are bargain rebuilding until they become a respectable club that players wouldn’t mind playing for so they don’t have to massively overpay to convince them to come, and then they will start using their unlimited funds

  6. Cameron Bruce

    As a Newcastle Fan loving this video, you are one of the most career mode channel going thank you for this!! I'm currently doing Roma career really enjoyed it but it'd made me realise there is very little Italy wonderkids from what I could find?

  7. Samantha Hodges

    Why don't you do a series of one club and have lods of episodes ( please do another newcastle series of episodes ) and do it for 5 seasons for each club you do but you have to make it realistic

  8. Automatic & Crosschat

    So I haven’t watched your videos in a wild but saw you have done a Newcastle rebuild so had to watch it, have to say you’re looking healthy and the gym work is really showing, you’re smashing it đŸ’Ș

  9. Anthony Smurthwaite

    I know he's crap on fifa but Dan Burn has been phenomenal this season, not even joking when I say he's been one of the best fullbacks in the league

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