DEBATE: ¿Está True Geordie SOBREVALORANDO a Alexander Isak? 🤯

True Geordie hace una declaración audaz y compara a Alexander Isak de Newcastle con la leyenda de la Premier League Thierry Henry. ¿Estás de acuerdo, y se convertirá en uno de los mejores de la historia de la Premier League? 📧 Correo electrónico comercial: 📹 Canal TG: 👑 TG Xtra: ⚽️ The Kick Off: 🐦 Twitter: 📸 Instagram:

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36 comentarios en “DEBATE: ¿Está True Geordie SOBREVALORANDO a Alexander Isak? 🤯

  1. XxR97xX

    Arsenal have one good season in how many years and now nobody else makes their team lmao. Isaak has been class for years.

  2. Bill Ashby

    The idea that Isak wouldn't walk into the Arsenal team is hilarious. Can you imagine how many goals he'd score with Bakayo Saka!!!!

  3. Andre O.

    Isak is injury prone
    Always was at sociedad
    I watch la liga
    Ppl keep acting like he was just dropped from heaven

    U got a football channel
    WATCH football
    Not just ur team
    Or ur league

  4. Ant

    Of course hes overrating him but so he should! What's the point in football if we aren't going to get excited over our players from time to time?

  5. The Black Protagonist

    TG is delusional if he believes this 😂
    Better than Toney ? better than Jesus?
    He’s not even better than Wilson 😂

  6. Steven Anderson

    The arsenal dude is a right ass clown. Weeping hot salty ones no doubt because his side have bottled the league…again…😂

  7. BTL gaming

    Isak to Newcastle has to be the most mind blowing transfer of all time. After his performance in the 2020 euros everyone wanted to sign the guy, he’s been linked to every squad and Newcastle managed to pinched that signing. He’s had injuries but without them he’d have insane figures

  8. The Dark Knight

    He’s been pretty good in the second half of the season but it’s only his first season. Let’s see if he sustains this and gets better. We’ve seen it happen many times where a foreign player comes in has a few decent games then ends up not fulfilling their potential

  9. Toms' Movie Reviews

    guys get this, call me crazy, but henry was number14… and isaak is also number 14.. the similarities dont end !!! it doesnt stop there.. neither henry or isaak are white, they are both born in foreign european countries and both arrived in the premier league at 22 years old… fuckin crazy !

  10. Metacommentary

    looks good but need more data, especially since now it went from he's looking like he could world class to automatically better than Haaland finishing. Haaland has more goals at 22 than both Messi and Ronaldo did at the same age and I think Isak is a year older. Haaland also had a ton of injury issues previous to this season which would've seen that stat be even crazier. And while yes he has more people to create for him at City, he was prolific in league, in champions league, and for his country even before he came to City

  11. Scott Fitzgerald

    Newcastle are having a proper Leicester of a season , people need to chill, yes they went far in the cups , but if they make champions league or Europe in general that will fuck them up. At the moment they have 7 days to prepare for the opposition.

  12. Invincible 04

    Hes spot on, as an arsenal fan i wanted him last January even tho he had a poor scoring season. The talent is so obvious for anyone with a brain. Hes generational.

  13. Robbie O'Mahony

    Eddie Howe is pulling off miracles, this Newcastle squad is still bang average, teams will play differently against them next year and a drop off is inevitable

  14. Kesupile Kesupile

    I cosign everything Ture Geordie says. After seeing him in that first Liverpool game I was impressed (Man United fan)

  15. Autisticus Retardius Fattius

    I do rate isak and maybe his finishing has improved significantly but when in laliga for real sociedad his goals per game ratio was about 0.35 if i remember correctly, he was always extremely talented and maybe now he is putting it together or it could be a hot streak, who knows.

  16. Vincinerate V

    Not over bigging Isak. Honestly, Isak's goals are a treat to watch with what we have in NUFC. No disrespect our midfields but if Isak has KDB, Silva etc lol…But Wilock has a few sublime assists so far.

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