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37 comentarios en “¡¡¡NEWCASTLE HACE LA LIGA DE CAMPEONES!!!

  1. Unapologetically BLUE

    Eddie Howe will be sacked by December……he is not the right man to guide Newcastle through champions league, compete for Premier league or top 4, then 2 other Cup competitions.
    If Newcastle say they are now a big club then they need to compete for 4 trophies….they don't have the manager or squad depth to achieve this. They have to spend big and not listen to the idiots that say they shouldn't make the mistake man city made…..because those people don't want them competing with their clubs.

  2. Niall Smith

    Eddie howe is manager of the year for me even if Pep gets the treble which is amazing but with that squad of players and do it in a year is incredible. Your bang on to about fans of other clubs having short memories , im a Leeds fan and for a long time we were always up there in the top 6 qualifying for europe and even reaching a champions league semi final. Can't help but not be jealous of Newcastle considering the state of my club atm 😅 but im glad someone else is up there instead of the typical 'big 6'

  3. Poolie-mag

    I dont think its fair to compare eddie with bobby or keegan todays prem league is a lot harder now than it was then what eddie has done is nothing short of a miracle best manager in the league by far

  4. Adil Hussain

    Crazy how some man United fans still blame the players mentality’s when Newcastle have now got relegation fighting players in the top 4

  5. William Morton

    I don't think u can throw Liverpool in the mix for teams that Newcastle we're in Europe before Chelsea and Tottenham I can understand we are the most successful English team in Europe y'all must have forgot that!🤣

  6. MrKennco cockayne

    The next thing Eddie Howe needs to learn is how to turn those draws into wins. Great season for the magpies but next year will be a lot tougher with champions league in the fixtures.

  7. Stephen Sheehan

    Well said lad. All the truth you spoke there. We beat Dynamo Kiev, Bauer Leverkusen, and Feyenoord, too (who could be in our group again….)

  8. txp

    Newcastle and United have definitely done well. But I can't help wondering if they would be in top 4 had Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea didn't flop this season

  9. SA LS

    Longtime fan here brian. I remember the rants and the rtg's. This does feel like a dream seeing the club in the top 4. Cheers mate

  10. Phiaklang Tangjang

    The way we have played this season, I don't think it will be possible to carry on next season with Champions league football at hand, they'll get exhausted like hell and injury may hit hard.. To counter it, we either have to change how we play or add good number of quality players to be able to rotate the squad.. In Eddie We Believe

  11. Umartopia

    From a message to nile ranger to newcastle are in the champions league. What a journey its been geordie! Onward and upwards!

  12. Simon May

    Brian, there is no other way pf putting this. as usual you've spoke the truth and you've all possible arguments with grace and dignity much like eddie howe himself. I hop Edddie and the players see this as you've done a hella job summing up our season.

  13. Private Eye

    I remember in 2012/13 season your rants are legendary you only had a few hundred facebook friends at the time.
    You've came along way since then.

  14. Max Watkins

    As a liverpool, im salty about newcastle i dont like them and we probably grow to hate the way i am about man city, but for rivals to say Saudi money is a cop out, Howe has transformed newcastle and i still look at the squad and i go that blokes championship quality

  15. Doccy Darko

    I'm tearing up just watching this, I love the passion, I feel it, I've lived it and I'm right there with you! Next season is too far away!

  16. Lfcsim0

    Liverpool have been in ucl since the 70s… get your facts right before name dropping us. In everyone’s heads rent free 24/7

  17. twiztidradio

    Just like Eddie did. who cares what other teams do and say. We can only control our club and what we do. If spending money can make us push further then do it. Finding players that want to fight the world is what we need.

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