¿Puede Eddie Howe GANAR la Premier League? 🏆 Simon Jordan PREGUNTA al técnico del Newcastle United… 🤔

¿Podrá el técnico inglés Eddie Howe ganar al Newcastle United la Premier League? ¡Jim White y Simon Jordan de talkSPORT dan su opinión! ¿Te gustó este video de YouTube? 😍 Suscríbete aquí: mira algunos de los contenidos MÁS POPULARES de talkSPORT 🔥 ⚽ ¡DEBATE CALIENTE! Simon Jordan y Graeme Souness SE ENFRENTAN por el trato de Erik ten Hag al jugador del Man United, Cristiano Ronaldo ⚽ Simon Jordan opina sobre Gary Neville trabajando para BeIN Sports con sede en Qatar durante la Copa del Mundo de 2022 ⚽ Ben Foster dice que Edwin Van Der Sar haría un entrenamiento mínimo y todavía estar listo para jugar para el Manchester United ⚽ Simon Jordan ENTRA en Gary Neville por su comentario de Man Utd vs Liverpool ⚽ El intermediario de Rudiger, Saif Rubie, hace afirmaciones explosivas de Chelsea y choca con Simon Jordan ⚽ El ganador del Premio de la Academia, Gary Oldman, está desconcertado por Ryan Reynolds y La compra de Wrexham por parte de Rob McElhenney ⚽ ¡INCREÍBLE CLASH! ¡Ray Parlor y Robbie Lyle se CALENTAN por las afirmaciones de que AFTV quiere que el Arsenal PIERDA! ⚽ Ben Foster le dice a talkSPORT que la Premier League lo habría ‘demandado’ si hubiera grabado los partidos que jugó para Watford ⚽ Simon Jordan y Graeme Souness CHOCAN por el papel de Daniel Levy en Tottenham ⚽ Simon Jordan ENTRA contra Jurgen Klopp por llamar a Gabby Agbonlahor ⚽ Simon Jordan argumenta que el Manchester City gasta MUCHO MÁS que el Liverpool y otros clubes de la Premier League ⚽ Simon Jordan reacciona a la sugerencia del propietario del Chelsea, Todd Boehly, de un juego All-Star de la Premier League Norte vs Sur ⚽ ¿Erling Haaland del Manchester City es mejor que Harry Kane del Tottenham? ? ¡Graeme Souness de talkSPORT cree que podría serlo! ⚽ Simon Jordan no cree que Steven Gerrard tenga la capacidad de ser entrenador en la Premier League 🖥️ Sitio web de talkSPORT: / 📲 Twitter de talkSPORT: 📷 Instagram de talkSPORT: 👤 Facebook de talkSPORT: 📱 Tik Tok de talkSPORT: 🔴 Descarga la aplicación de talkSPORT AQUÍ! – 🔎 ¿Quieres ver si apareces en nuestro canal de YouTube? Echa un vistazo a nuestra lista de reproducción de mejores llamadas de talkSPORT: #eddiehowe #newcastleunited #nufc #talkSPORT #PremierLeague #ChampionsLeague #FACUP #SimonJordan #EuropaLeague #LauraWoods #AllyMcCoist #ManUtd #ManCity #Liverpoolfc #Arsenalfc #Chelseafc

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32 comentarios en “¿Puede Eddie Howe GANAR la Premier League? 🏆 Simon Jordan PREGUNTA al técnico del Newcastle United… 🤔

  1. Carl Hamilton

    As an avid Necastle Utd fan and season ticket holder, EH is an elite manager and has done a great job. But, lets be honest, who is going to topple Man City within the next 10 years? We can't go an spend whatever amounts that we want.

  2. Sunil J

    The Newcastle Model is very different from Man City. He's more like a turbo charged Alex Ferguson than a Pep who has never managed a poor team and made them better by being resourceful;.

  3. Kurt Miller

    Who else cpuld do a better job than Howe? If we didnt have a manager who could replace him??? Only Guardiola in my eyes is better. He is never coming here

  4. NRG

    If given the chance and allowed time to develop both himself and the squad over a number of years (not booted at the first down turn), Eddie Howe has the potential to be to the Toon as Fergie was to Man Utd.

    Remember Ferguson went to Man Utd in 1986 and didn't win anything until 1990 … and it was 92-93 until they won a title. People seem to forget he was given considerable time to rebuild and develop the whole club – after a decent couple of seasons early on, they finished 11th in 88/89 and had struggled again in 89/90 and 90/91. Can you imagine a manager stuggling with a team for THREE SEASONS and not getting sacked now?

    My point being, as a Newcastle fan, I fully expect Eddie and Newcastle to have a slightly disappointing run at some point but i sincerely hope the club sticks by him as I truly beleive, if backed and given time, he will develop us and be the same sort of powerhouse as Fergie was for Utd.

  5. Sameer Ali

    English managers have to go to other European leagues to challenge their managerial skills and win. They are way to comfortable in EPL or any British league. Pep or Mourinho or Klopp, managed in different leagues and won, hence they are elite managers.

  6. Roman Parisi

    Newcastle will not make the top 6 next year, they will find out, as teams always do that Europe seperates the Men from the Boys!

  7. Chris B

    Talking nonsense. Newcastle is not the next Man City. Stop with this false narrative. We aren't going huge on spend. We will max out what we can and Eddie Howe will be given all the time in the world. He is a top manager.

  8. Tom_murray89

    Eddie is making that step it took sir Alex 20 years to get it right I believe a believe Amanda and Co will give Eddie the time to get it right

  9. Mal Thorn

    Eddie Howe took time away from management to study the top teams in Europe and England. Look how he's changed a team that Bruce had and got them playing. No matter what happens he's a legend already in Newcastle

  10. Ali Ahmed

    No matter who says Eddie would have to spend big on transfer. Next season will be much more competitive when it comes to top 4.

  11. Marathon

    Of course he can't. Newcastle United can. But if Eddie Howe wants to win the Premier League, I would imagine that first he has to register himself as a football team / club, apply to join some sort of local league and then go through the process of promotion through the various leagues until he reaches the promised land. If he manages all of that – playing every game with him against 11 players at all times (excepting red cards) – then and only then will we find out whether Eddie Howe can win the Premier League. So we won't know for at least another 10 to 15 years all told.

  12. Steven Monaghan

    In eddie we trust 🖤🤍 long live the new KING..!!!! You do not speak for any of the toon army Simon..!! Deader than a dead thing 😂😂

  13. Adar Barrush

    I would really like to see Newcastle win the premier League and I wouldn't be surprised if they won it in within the next three years

  14. Michael JP

    Just like being “deader than a dead thing from deadland ”, Simons comments won’t age well… he loves to be controversial but that leads to him talking nonsense. Eddie Howe doesn’t need to be labeled an elite manager to be elite. He’s promoted teams when players weren’t getting paid, from non league to the PL. Eddie has the backing from fans and owners and he will take the club as far as he can, then we can all look back and judge his management ability. For now, the journey is only just beginning

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    "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." _David Brinkley

  16. Delta keesei

    Eddie won the EPL, it was a very difficult strategy and his strategy was always static 4-3-3, when he was supposed to be against a weak team like Leicester he could line up 4-2-4, so the number of attackers could be as follows:

    >Maximin+Isak+Wilson +Almiron
    >Bruno + Murphy

    Bruno and Murphy are quite tough as anchors, because they dare to dribble with opponents, but if Joelinton and Longstaff will fall apart if they use this pattern, at most Joelinton can act as a left winger, with this line-up there will be more consecutive attacks from various directions.

  17. Greater than Harrowk

    Simon would be a difficult person to succeed working with in a competitive business. You'd have adversaries from outside and another one in your compound

  18. lee jones

    Nobody could of taken Bournemouth from the bottom of league 2 to the Premier league.. Nobody could have saved newcastle from relegation to champions league.. Put some respect on his name

  19. Dink

    As a Newcastle fan, Eddie is a breath of fresh air to english management, however the UCL next year brings a scary concept way ahead of where we thought we'd be. Dependent on window, our aim should still be to look to maintain top 4 while still building. You look at west ham and how much they struggled with European football this year, we have to be realistic. Hopefully we dont go that way, but Eddie is no doubt the man for our squad regardless

  20. Adam Phillips

    He’s exactly right. There are some fickle Toon fans and if we’re sat 10th half way thru next season it’s a big test for fans and manager to be realistic

  21. Marty

    I hope Eddie stays for 10+ years and we win the lot, I don’t want anyone else I want Eddie to take us from the takeover to the prem, the league and FA cup and the UCL. I don’t see anyone better for us, I would have Eddie over any manager on the planet. I think with Dan ashworth and his team and the funds to get Eddie who he wants we will win the lot, the way we’ve signed well and pretty much everyone we signed has been a success. I can’t see it not happening going forward. HWTL what a time to be a toon fan

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