"¡ÉL ERA UNA BROMA ABSOLUTA!" 🤯 Jimmy Bullard revela ¡EL MEJOR futbolista con el que jugó! 👀

Jimmy Bullard revela el mejor futbolista con el que jugó en su carrera. ¿Te gustó este video de YouTube? 😍 Suscríbete aquí: mira algunos de los contenidos MÁS POPULARES de talkSPORT 🔥 ⚽ ¡DEBATE CALIENTE! Simon Jordan y Graeme Souness SE ENFRENTAN por el trato de Erik ten Hag al jugador del Man United, Cristiano Ronaldo ⚽ Simon Jordan opina sobre Gary Neville trabajando para BeIN Sports con sede en Qatar durante la Copa del Mundo de 2022 ⚽ Ben Foster dice que Edwin Van Der Sar haría un entrenamiento mínimo y todavía estar listo para jugar para el Manchester United ⚽ Simon Jordan ENTRA en Gary Neville por su comentario de Man Utd vs Liverpool ⚽ El intermediario de Rudiger, Saif Rubie, hace afirmaciones explosivas de Chelsea y choca con Simon Jordan ⚽ El ganador del Premio de la Academia, Gary Oldman, está desconcertado por Ryan Reynolds y La compra de Wrexham por parte de Rob McElhenney ⚽ ¡INCREÍBLE CLASH! ¡Ray Parlor y Robbie Lyle se CALENTAN por las afirmaciones de que AFTV quiere que el Arsenal PIERDA! ⚽ Ben Foster le dice a talkSPORT que la Premier League lo habría ‘demandado’ si hubiera grabado los partidos que jugó para Watford ⚽ Simon Jordan y Graeme Souness CHOCAN por el papel de Daniel Levy en Tottenham ⚽ Simon Jordan ENTRA contra Jurgen Klopp por llamar a Gabby Agbonlahor ⚽ Simon Jordan argumenta que el Manchester City gasta MUCHO MÁS que el Liverpool y otros clubes de la Premier League ⚽ Simon Jordan reacciona a la sugerencia del propietario del Chelsea, Todd Boehly, de un juego All-Star de la Premier League Norte vs Sur ⚽ ¿Erling Haaland del Manchester City es mejor que Harry Kane del Tottenham? ? ¡Graeme Souness de talkSPORT cree que podría serlo! ⚽ Simon Jordan no cree que Steven Gerrard tenga la capacidad de ser un entrenador en la Premier League 🖥️ Sitio web de talkSPORT: / 📲 Twitter de talkSPORT: 📷 Instagram de talkSPORT: 👤 Facebook de talkSPORT: 📱 Tik Tok de talkSPORT: 🔴 Descarga la aplicación de talkSPORT AQUÍ! – 🔎 ¿Quieres ver si apareces en nuestro canal de YouTube? Echa un vistazo a nuestra lista de reproducción de mejores llamadas de talkSPORT: #talkSPORT #PremierLeague #ChampionsLeague #FACUP #SimonJordan #EuropaLeague #LauraWoods #AllyMcCoist #ManUtd #ManCity #Liverpoolfc #Arsenalfc #Chelseafc

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46 comentarios en “"¡ÉL ERA UNA BROMA ABSOLUTA!" 🤯 Jimmy Bullard revela ¡EL MEJOR futbolista con el que jugó! 👀

  1. Clipped

    If TalkSport are smart Bullard stays permanently. He’s always had an infectious energy and banter about him surprised he didn’t get into presenting/media sooner he’s made for it 👏🤣

  2. Havennew Bowtow

    Saw DiCanio at Easter Road a good few times playing for Celtic. It was obvious to even us Hibernian fans that he was a bit special. His tantrums were in evidence back then as well, on his own he was worth the gate money.

  3. Oliver Booth

    Jinny speaks brilliantly on football. Yeah he’s entertaining etc. but it’s wicked to just hear him talk football. Passionate and knows his stuff.

  4. John Dirom

    Please, please, please Spurs fans…forget Postecoglu; my gran could manage Celtic to trophies in Scotland! It's a two-horse race and one of the two have been hobbled in the recent past and your team has a £billionaire behind them.
    In the last 11 years or so, he's managed Brisbane Roar, Melbourne Victory, Ozzie National team, some Japanese team who've only been a team for 20 minutes and Celtic. What on earth in that CV gives you the impression that he could manage an EPL team back to glory?!

  5. andy thoms

    Imagine kane giving interviews in another language , would be great content for farley, hope kane goes abroad.

  6. 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐫

    Jimmy said the most sensible thing I've heard yet about Kane. If he leaves to go win something, he could very well return to Spurs someday.

  7. Dave

    I remember Celtic signing Di Canio and I was like who? My mate – who watched A LOT of Serie A said – "he's amazing for AC Milan – can't believe he's coming to Celtic" he was right – amazing.

  8. lifeson90

    why would anybody want kane to go abroad rather than manu? i'm a toon fan we dont need harry in callum and isak we trust but the idea of harry kane at manu for a season or two highly interesting to see what the lad can do spearheading a quality outfit

  9. Fitzroy George

    Di Caneo. Jesus Christ he was just incredible. Can't believe people don't talk about him. Easily one of the best players of the Premier league era. Easily one of the best. Jeez

  10. Vertu Gallery

    Joe Cole – what did he actually achieve? Shame really. When he left West Ham he was spoken of as the second coming of Christ, at least. He never delivered on a consistent basis. He fizzled out quickly, like a faulty firework. I don't know the full reasons so I can't comment, but….

  11. Mr 100

    Jimmy Bullard !!!! Great now he’s killed soccer AM bring him on the sports bar to kiss of death that too 💩💩💩

  12. Young Towser

    Kane should wind down his last year at Spurs as they can't afford football wise to let him go, they'll finish 14th if they do, then leave on a free next summer to Man City when Haaland''s £150m release clause is met by Madrid?


    Joe Cole as a year 7 scored a hat trick in london cup schools final … we were all big year 9s… he was the best I’ve ever seen and my old man was 50 at the time and said the boy is truly special … we had a very strong team and we were absolutely torn apart by a yr 7 wow

  14. Alex Holt

    Kane will stay another year at spurs and then he will have free reign over the top clubs in europe just cant see him staying unless spurs win the league next season which aint happening with levy as chairman

  15. Barry Walls

    I regularly randomly think of JB diving over the ball of players in the box just for the laugh… too funny

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