"¡YO PREDIJE QUE EL LIVERPOOL DESCENSO!" 😮 Rory Jennings explica que llamó a los Reds a ponerse en forma 🔥

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40 comentarios en “"¡YO PREDIJE QUE EL LIVERPOOL DESCENSO!" 😮 Rory Jennings explica que llamó a los Reds a ponerse en forma 🔥

  1. dis kid

    how’s Trent best RB in the world? he’s not even top 3 English RBs, I’d actually argue there wasn’t a worse RB in the prem this season, correct me if I’m wrong folks

  2. N9NE_NUFC

    Newcastle (once we increase our revenue) and ManUtd (if the get Qatar) will constantly be challenging going forward, Rory is right generally that sustained top level is aligned with money available, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs dont have the same kind of funds available imo to be able to make transfer mistakes, they have to be perfect in the market.

    Im not for one second saying this starts next season but I can gaurentee within the next 3/4 years it will be ManC, ManU and NUFC at the top battling it out

    Chelsea I dont see lasting simply because Todd Bohley seems incompetent

    Most will probably hate reading this and give abuse which is fair enough but its still true and it will be seen, come back to this comment in a couple years

  3. Fitzroy George

    Rory doesn't particularly like Liverpool and I'm saying this based on his assessment I. e placing TAA and Van Dyjk on his flops of the season. I could only judge what is in front of me

  4. And M

    His predictions are a season behind. He thinks they'll finish top 4 so therefore its an improvement on this not a drop off? Liverpool must fancy themselves lifting the Europa if they get some of their consistency back, especially after seeing the quality in the final this week.

  5. Wtf! Am I actually right?

    It COULD be (As much as hate them.) something about, fair play. Like not cooking the books, maybe. 😐

  6. Solo

    Narrative over fact. Liverpool have spent more net than City in the last 5 or so years. Klopp failed strategically in terms of preseason, bringing the players back too soon and playing too many friendlies because he and his team were obsessed with beating an undercooked City in the Community shield. He also failed tactically throughout the season, only when he copied Guardiola with TAA did they begin to look half decent. Up until then, Klopp was flailing around, changing formation constantly. Liverpool as a club have also stopped selling players at the right time, that is not due to finances.
    The disrespect some morons pay Guardiola, saying it's finances, is pathetic. Pep finds tactical solutions. He evolves things, so opposition is always 1 step behind. Klopp, not so much.

  7. Enlightened Turtle Kev

    Rory man.. we dipped after last season for sure, but we have been integrating players all season and evolving.

    Trent in Mid and Virg finally back in form and Ali still a worldie.

    Next season, we are finally getting rid of injury prone players and spending money.

    We will splash 200,000,000 this summer, we have never spent that kind of money.

    Klopp knows what he is doing lad, players like Tiago, Ox and Nabi depleted us, with Jones being injured all season also.

    We could be strong next season, Jota and Diaz are back, Darwin will speak English, Gakpo is already looking promising.. we got goals everywhere never mind Salah.

    I think LFC and United are best poised for next season.

  8. FurioussBear

    Man also predicted that haaland would flop. Don't get cocky mate. We all knew liverpool would drop off a little.

  9. Jamie Jansen

    Can’t see liverpool doing anything. I know this will trigger the f out of people, but klopp should have gone last season. City have shook that team permanently

  10. Christopher Jay Richardson-Davies

    Everyone said theyd drop off.. wasnt this the "foretold 7th season" the same one Klopps notorious for having a blunder of a season? Yeah .. okay then dunce

  11. Woodsy

    Jesus bro klopps still averaging over 1 trophy per season and over 1.5 finals per season counting league titles down to last day not last 6games like the big arsenal challenge. Stick to Nescafé bro

  12. Robert McMahon

    So he's basically saying saying the So called best league in the world is city and 19 other teams scrapping it out for 2nd at best. Which I make right.

  13. Bobo Fett

    City is just because of financial reasons really, City with the lowest net spend than 10 other clubs in the last 6 seasons, any team could of bought any player city have signed bar Grealish so maybe pep turning players he bought in to world class, nobody predicted Bernardo Foden Walker (who’s a better fullback than Trent) Dias Alvarez Akanji Gundo Rodri
    I think you under estimate Pep and over rate Klopp
    Don’t forget City won the domestic treble and didn’t drop off the following seasons.

  14. Woodsy

    Rory 6 seasons Liverpool ran city not 3. 3 time's 94 97 99 point's. 3 CL finals, 1 uefa cup final, 1 fa cup final, 2 league cup finals, world club cup, super cup, and you say Liverpool need goals. Our worst season in 8yrs and we are still the 3rd highest scoring team in the PL. You wanna stop putting CBD in ya green tea bro

  15. DidierDrogba1111

    Raheem Sterling is a system player. Potter and Lampard both had a chance to watch how to use him by the best manager in the world and both had no idea. Never has been a free role winger, needs clear instructions and then does what he is supposed to do. Will be funny watching these clueless 'pundits' get shocked when Pochettino gets him back into his City form.

  16. mike heap

    City…….MANCHESTER CITY…….the boys who will never give in……😁😆😉😊💙CTID.
    Nobodies competing with Manchester City next season, we never came to take part, we came to take over……😁😆😉😊💙CTID.

  17. G B

    Winning 4 titles in a row is yet to be done. So just as a matter of probability, Man City are less likely to win EPL next season than they are to repeat as champions

  18. Mn B

    Man Utd & Newcastle will be able to spend the same amount as Man City… Chelsea will have similar net spend… It comes down to who Manages their club better…

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