GOL DE LA TEMPORADA | Newcastle Unidos | 2022/23

Los mejores goles de nuestra memorable campaña 22/23… ¿Qué gol recibe tu voto? Vota aquí 👉 Para más de Newcastle United: Twitter 👉 Facebook 👉 Instagram 👉 TikTok 👉 Sitio web 👉

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47 comentarios en “GOL DE LA TEMPORADA | Newcastle Unidos | 2022/23

  1. Peace Frog

    Miggy vs Fulham – still don't know how he did it, something prime Cissé would have done. After we won that game i was sure it was gonna be an amazing season

  2. SteveRes

    I can't choose between Maxi, Almiron's goal against Fulham or Isak's run that led to Murphy scoring. All three are just ridiculous.

  3. Bobby Badfinger

    Isak´s goal Vs TH when Isak and the goalie just stood with their hands on the hips and watched to open goal is the winner in my book… already a classic .

  4. Os Sealey

    Maxi's volleyed goal took great skill and execution, miggy's volley was even more difficult, which is why it gets my vote.
    I could watch Isak's assist all day !

  5. Alberto L

    So many great goals but the Willock assist (outside of right foot) and Isak goal is the best. It starts from our back line and the quality of the ball, the composure of finish we’re top class. Here’s looking forwards to buckets more goals next season and staying in the top 4.

  6. Ang Boon Hiong

    The goals scored by the Newcastle players were sublime. But the ball delivery from Joe Willock for Isak goal & Isak dribbling past the everton defense while providing the assist will always be replaying in my mind 😂❤

  7. glyn hayes

    Maxi for me.. to strike a ball like that dropping from high out of the air in the final minutes of the game. Magic

  8. John Silver

    Isak so silky and smooth! Miggy's goals were brilliant. But admin, why did you rob Longstaff? His second goal against Southampton in the semi-final 2nd leg should be up there for the most intricate passing football involving several team-mates.

  9. Andy Kent

    Two I really liked weren’t even in there that’s how good we’ve been 🤣😍

    I loved Wilson and Isak’s lobbed goals against Spurs and West Ham.

    Of the choices there though Almiron against Fulham was sensational. Trippier’s free kick was exactly as he said ‘out of this world’.

    I don’t care who wins what a season 😍♥️⚫️⚪️⚫️

  10. Ian Grimwood

    All these goals are crackers!! But for me, when Isak’s goal against West Ham when he lobs the keeper. Priceless!!!! ❤️

  11. The BIG right hand

    What a season lads 👏 and if Jordan pickrexford had longer arms he still wouldn't of got too that Wilson strike 😂😂😂

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