Por qué los MEGA fichajes saudíes cambiarán el fútbol PARA SIEMPRE…

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45 comentarios en “Por qué los MEGA fichajes saudíes cambiarán el fútbol PARA SIEMPRE…

  1. bcp

    I have watch this video twice now, can’t believe he didn’t mention Conor McGregors name 😂👍👍👍 good video tho 👍

  2. Nicholas Sinclair

    Sorry,True Geordie,but your analysis seems like fanciful nonsense,as The English Premier League (now) = 'The European Super League' ,which is why Real Madrid's Perez tried to get the 'English Big 6' onboard first – he knew/observed all the main international sales, sponsorship(s),finances & overall viewership,etc.,is going into the EPL and eventually bypassing all,the other Euro. domestic leagues [LaLiga,Serie A,etc.].😐
    P.S. the embryonic Saudi League like the USA's MLS are nothing more,than 'retirement leagues' for fading football stars ! 🙄

  3. - Hezza2000 -

    Argument doesn’t add up, think of golf. Saudi launched the LIV golf competition and poached over many of the top top players by offering crazy contracts, but more people still watch the PGA tour because of the history/prestige and legacy.

  4. Miles Stewart

    I get his point about FFP, but it’s not just there to stop people breaking into the top 6. It’s there to stop owners putting their clubs in huge debt and then bankrupting them.

  5. al3ndlib

    Difference is, neither the Americans nor the Chinese care about football, on the other hand Saudi people and the rest of the Middle East only know one sport and it’s football. I literally lived in Miami 4 years never knew or heard anyone talking about Inter Miami or the MLS. Second, the time of Saudi League is close to most people who love football 5pm-8pm in Europe. America itself has many time zones which makes it impossible for anyone to follow their sports!!

  6. al3ndlib

    Saudi youth teams are usually are as good as European youth teams and sometimes better, however when they become professional players the European players have access to better competitive leagues than Saudis which develop them faster. So bringing big names is only a one step from many. First, Saudi League teams just got privatized which means more money and investments. Second, Saudi League stadiums are all going under reconstruction to be ready by 2027. Third, Saudi League is now being broadcasted in 125 countries thanks for CR7, with plans to go even broader. Fourth, Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in youth, while making it hard for Saudis to be playing in Saudi league if they don’t improve themselves which would help them in playing in other leagues too. Fifth, Saudi Arabia plans to increase the number of registered professional players from 2000 to 20,000 players, which would increase the chances of a Saudi players to be discovered. Last, Saudi People love football and it’s the only sport they care about, which differentiates the Saudi league from the CSL or MLS.

  7. jorssu13

    No player in their prime is ever going to sign there and the players that do only tarnish their careers and prior achievements.

    It's and will only ever be nothing more than a retirement league for players who are greedy and have severely lacking morals.

  8. CP_Vaughny

    They’re following the Qataris playbook with the same objective, they want to host a World Cup. Not a super league.

  9. Vasco Mateus

    The difference between super league and saudi league is the history and class of clubs in europe…thats what saves football

  10. funny shorts

    Why is this different than Pirlo, Beckham, Zlatan and so many other legends going to the MLS? As long as they are not buying the players who are in their prime now like an Mbappe, Haaland or even Vini they will never be close to the Premier league

  11. Jay Williams

    I mean who cares if the prem is no longer the best league in the world in a few years. Wont stop you all from supporting your teams still will it? Or will it?…..

  12. JAX-N Music

    They’ll get a lot of players over 30 but can’t see it going further than that. The demand to watch the premier leagues so high, because of the quality and competition. Seen it before with China, the usa, and India with cricket

  13. Callum Walker

    There’s a difference between signing players past their peak who have already won the lot to signing the current/future best in the world. If Bellingham, Haaland, Vini Jr, Mbappe, Pedri etc moved now then I’d start asking questions

  14. Izzy Bambino

    The MLS, the China league and the Russia league all tried this. Until these leagues create their own stars it will not last

  15. MintViper5

    The saudia arabian league is just buying old players it's not buying the young and talented. Nobody wants to watch an all-star retirement league (of course people will watch, and it'll gain interest, but its teams will never compete with the best in Europe). It will never be the best if you can't attract the likes of Bellingham or Haaland. The Saudi league is just doing a PSG when it's needs to do a Man City. Maybe it needs to gain popularity first before it can attract the brightest talent, but for now, the Premier League, La Liga can't be challenged.

  16. RTXFox

    Dont understand Brian’s logic here. The saudis are buying all the old players who are ready for retirement. Lets be honest majority or these players would have retired in 2 years time. So question is will young people go to saudi instead of other clubs ? Hell no, this isnt happening

  17. Big Jim

    I disagree in a rare case! The fans and teams make the league. No player is bigger than the club they play for with exceptions of Ronaldo and Messi who have their own branding. The Premier league will always be 'the' league due to the fans bases of the clubs and how passionate the British are about football.

  18. Brayden M

    They don’t have the money to do this, do the numbers, you’d need trillions on trillions to do this, and it wouldn’t be profitable

  19. BurnCKC

    Saudi league is simply a huge pay day for ageing players. No player in their prime is going to consider playing there.

  20. Kosta Zacharias

    The thing is, most people care about the teams, more than the players. They’ll attract casuals, but won’t be able to do enough to win over hardcore fans

  21. David Prendergast

    They haven't really taken anyone significant yet…. I mean ok Ronaldo but he is 38. Is this not just another false dawn like the MLS or China taking random players who are past it? Benzema is also getting old, and Kante is perma-injured.

  22. Alex Spencer

    Erm… if all the best players went to saudi, i wouldnt watch the prem?.. course i would still watch. I dont care about foreign fake leagues. I follow the leagues with the teams i support, if theyre not in them, i casually follow whatever else. Paok, Plymouth and Newcastle. Maybe that makes me unusual

  23. Lee L

    TG not worried about the league he’s worried that Newcastle won’t get the money to outspend everyone else in the PL and win it all, like they was suppose to do 🤣🤣

  24. scottr640

    Games gone

    Went when they stopped people taking off their shirts and then nail in the coffin was when VAR was introduced

  25. Duran

    🔥🔥🔥Last saudi bid was:
    $1.71 billion for two years + Messi keeps all commercial revenue😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 Still, Messi said NO🤯🤯🤯

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