¿Newcastle debería DESPEDIR a Eddie Howe?

@AdamMcKola, @RoryJenningsFootball y @Buvey debaten si Newcastle debería ser despiadado y despedir a Eddie Howe ahora para asegurar un entrenador de clase mundial a largo plazo. Escuche el PODCAST COMPLETO aquí: Únase al Club Linktree – TikTok – Twitter – Instagram – Siga a los muchachos en las redes sociales 📱 Adam McKola YouTube: Twitter – Instagram – TikTok – Rory Jennings YouTube: Twitter – Instagram – TikTok – Buvey YouTube: Twitter – Instagram – Tik Tok –

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48 comentarios en “¿Newcastle debería DESPEDIR a Eddie Howe?

  1. Edwin Stanley

    I'm blocking this podcast out of my life.
    This is the worst podcast channel I have ever come across in my life.

  2. TT99 Football

    I believe Howe will show himself to be the elite manager yous talk about. He's done a fantastic job, smart signings & improving players he already had. Why shouldn't he be allowed another 2 or 3 seasons? There's no reason we can't have a great season, next season under him & keep improving.

  3. Kenneth Allen

    This is the same guy that said Haaland won’t do well in the prem then he went on to break records and win the league 🙄

  4. Spooony

    The Howe disrespect is disgusting. If he was a foreign manager people would be wanking over him like he's the next messiah. Howe took Bournemouth the the Premier League from League 2 and has taken Newcastle from relegation to top 4 in 18 months. Give the guy a chance.

  5. Gerald Sefeti

    so what happens if Eddie somehow wins the champions league or the premier league than what? these so called sports critics they are nothing but fools….they wanna predict most of the time on stuff like this and majority of the time they get it wrong…

  6. Archie Lodge

    No way absolutely ridiculous. Just because a manager isn’t elite before they come into the job doesn’t mean they can’t become elite. Otherwise how do they develop if they get sacked before anything goes wrong.

  7. ciosnek5

    Normally I cope with stupidity using irony. There is no irony or sarcasm in this world to defuse this s**t. And the guys are nodding like this is a legitimate idea 😂😂😂 You are morons or click baiters. The latter equals the former.

  8. Frazer Gray

    We want howe frankly till the errors are glaring will need to wait till next season but we owe him so much time at the club and with the different types of investments he will make in the future

  9. CharlieOl202

    honestly if it were to happen I'd want Jose, he has a soft spot for newcastle and he would recive the backing he wants

  10. Mike Trembath

    Same regurgitated shite, spouting rubbish like you can see into the future. How can you say where Howe can take the team, on what basis? He has hit a ceiling, he has over achieved or he is not an elite manager. Howe, has worked wonders with a Steve Bruce side, he is still building HIS team and his tactics are slowly evolving. To write a manager off when they have proven to this point they can improve players and overhaul an entire playing style and also improve in the league table and cup. Lazy, repetitive tripe being spoken, Rory, you should be banned from giving out football knowledge because some things you say is scandalous, Haaland is enough evidence! Maybe Rory is just use to a manager merry go round at Chelsea! Swap Howe for Lampard next 🤦‍♂️

  11. Tommy Clout

    Ah yes the Chelsea managerial model that always works, ignore the fact that Chelsea are a mid table club in heavy decline.

  12. Mark

    Why doesn’t Rory not rate Eddie Howe all I see him do is slag him off even when he has brought a relegation side to top 4

  13. Timmy

    i think caicedo will have a release clause in his contract but for next summer. He signed a new long term deal after the january window closed, the main reason was that he was on £3k a week at that point and he wanted to help his family, however i don’t see how he’d accept it without a release clause sometime soon so i predict he’ll stay unless someone offers like £75m then next summer he’ll have a release clause for like £50m

  14. PLM

    Sack the manager that took them from a relegation battle to champions league football, the manager that every single player in that team and the fans adore, because of a problem that might occur in a couple years.

    They obviously dont think before opening their mouths, if ever…

  15. Timmy

    people are still talking about sacking managers when there’s limited options out there, if a better manager is available at the time then fair enough but u don’t do it just cus they’re not good enough or u could end up in a worse situation

  16. Timmy

    right now he’s getting the best out of the players and he’s getting results against top and bottom opposition so it’s fine. As soon as he tactically cannot go any further or form stops to drop for an extended period keep him because he’s got them to this level he deserves the chance to try push it further

  17. Sam Cornell

    This is a Chelsea mentality shout, We want to build something, we've always been a club that care about the feel of the club more than win above everything else, gotta give him a few years, hes earned that

  18. Sean

    I stopped watching their podcast a while back. I gave them a chance as I thought they were ok on other people's platforms but since they started their own it's glaringly obvious how dumb all three of them are. It's like they don't even watch football their takes are so bad.

  19. Unoriginal OG

    The convo started fair but put some respect on Eddie's name, newcastle went from relegation to champions league. I font see people have these convos about Brighton or Aston villa because they ain't as rich

  20. PricelessMile

    Winning something isn't easy, it's not as simple as bring in an elite manager and win something. I think Howe has as much chance of getting a trophy than something else, because I doubt they'll suddenly win the league or champions league with Jose or someone of that calibre. They might finish with more points, but their best bet for a trophy in the next 5 years is probably an fa/league cup or the europa league

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