RUEDA DE PRENSA | Eddie Howe y Jamaal Lascelles anticipan el primer partido de la Serie de Verano de la Premier League

El entrenador en jefe, Eddie Howe, y el capitán del club, Jamaal Lascelles, hablan con los medios de comunicación antes de nuestro partido inaugural de la serie de verano de la @premierleague en EE. UU. Para más información del Newcastle United: Twitter 👉 Facebook 👉 Instagram 👉 TikTok 👉 Sitio web 👉

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39 comentarios en “RUEDA DE PRENSA | Eddie Howe y Jamaal Lascelles anticipan el primer partido de la Serie de Verano de la Premier League

  1. Sofia Olsson

    We have 4 or 5 leaders in the team & Jamaal obviously has the love & respect of everyone in the dressing room & for Eddie to endorse him they way he just did was pure class.

  2. Stephen Storey

    Top bloke is Jamal, met him a few years back when he more or less us sighed for us, remember how down to earth he was to even have a 10 min conversation and even a picture. He’s part of the furniture now, Once a geordie always a geordie!

  3. Barbra Fay

    Didn’t Realise Jamaal was so Good looking he looks a lot like Calum Wilson and think he is a good Squad player .

  4. Blade RIP

    I think there's a large contingency outside the club, like Hawksby and Jacobs on talksport recently for example, that think Tripps is our captain, so this was nicely done.

  5. canderson1955 Anderson

    I wonder if those questioning the PIF valuations will turn their attention to the PIF tax at any point? £40m for Livramento? Someone is having a laugh.

  6. Geordiedog

    Lovely touch by Eddie at the end. Compare that with Steve Bruce telling the press conference that the tactics he uses are because his players aren’t good enough to that bit of leadership class from Eddie Howe and it just demonstrates how we are light years ahead from the MA/SB days.

  7. Razorlight Mike

    👏 👏 Wow what a great moment of leadership quality. Well done Edddie Howe! If there is a single moment in an interview which sums up not only who EH is as a manager but who he is as a person it’s this. Fighting the corner of every one who is part of his team…not just allowing the praise of the scorers like miggy or the fan favourites like JL, EH practices what he preaches and backs every one of his players- including Lascelles who was under a little bit of scrutiny from the reporters. It is, unusual for a captain of a club not to play as much, but if it is working for EH, Jamaal and NUFC are benefiting then it’s fine by me.

  8. Rasmus Dahlstrøm

    Could you please put the questions on the screen, or in cc or something? It's been years now with this terrible sound quality of the interviewers.

  9. Lol's Fishing Adventures

    Proper man manager Eddie is. Top class gesture saying that while his Captain was in the room. Must give Lascelles a good feeling to know how well he is thought of. Kudos, Eddie👍

  10. David Atkinson - LIFE MATTERS

    It's about time Newcastle's press team provided a mic for the journalists' questions more consistently. At this level it's inexcusable.

  11. Albert Bell

    Well done Eddie Howe that’s the way to treat people … even though he don’t play very much he’s still a Mag respect is everything … Toon Army

  12. J.J.

    Lascelles’s comments speak volumes on the unprofessional nature of the previous regime and awful first team management. Some roving mics to hear the questions might be helpful, for the zillionth time.

  13. bigboyshit1

    Well I think it’s great we will be going into the season with a 6ft7 centre half at left back. Dans one of my good mates.

    This seasons going to be exciting with Murphy and Barns playing lots of games as my mates

  14. Ian Bell

    They don't know how to use microphones in the UK… Good to know they're equally as shit in the USA. Maybe next year in KSA we might hear the journalist talk. 😂

  15. David Hargrave

    Is it only me but I cannot even hear most of the questions even with my headphones on. Surely we can be more professional when doing this. Maybe even a mike on a boom, it looks really bad.

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