Welcome to The Toon Review – your ultimate destination for all things Newcastle United FC! In this episode, your host Paul is back to serve up the freshest NUFC updates that every fan needs to know.

🔥 Missing Pieces: Sven Botman Update 🔥
We have the latest on Sven Botman’s current status. Find out why the talented defender is set to be missing from action for the next few weeks and how this absence might impact Newcastle’s defensive strategy. The questions surrounding Botman’s absence are about to be answered!

🛡️ Transfer Buzz: Harry Maguire to NUFC? 🛡️
Could the Magpies be eyeing a sensational transfer move for Manchester United’s Harry Maguire? We dive into the intriguing rumours swirling around this potential transfer and analyse whether Maguire could truly be donning the black and white stripes this season.

🚀 Matt Targett: Stay or Go? 🚀
The saga continues as we discuss the future of Matt Targett. Is he staying put at Newcastle United, or are there whispers of a potential departure? The Toon Review dissects the latest developments in Targett’s career and what they mean for the club’s plans moving forward.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Rising Star: Eliot Anderson’s Scotland Call-Up 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Exciting news for both NUFC and Scotland fans as Eliot Anderson receives a call-up to the Scottish national squad. We explore Anderson’s journey, his potential impact on the international stage, and what this selection means for his development at Newcastle. The Toon Review celebrates this young talent’s achievements!

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  1. Jimmy Mair

    I'm still pissed of with Liverpool result however l love Newcastle and will be till l die as for mugire he's only good when he wants to be ,as in saying that Eddie Howe will shape him fat club 12 weeks might see a new player in him yet lol😂

  2. Michael Mcdougall

    I know it sound's strange and we have brought in players but in the back of my mind it feels like we are not really any stronger on the pitch and i know we whopped villa but they just look a stronger outfit at the moment as i am classing them as a serious rival for our top 6 hopes

  3. Rich Baxter

    Great content and updates as usual Paul! I don't think we will get anyone in to cover for Botman. I believe Dan Burn will be fine there, it's just the left back situation and Targett is off the pace right now. If Hall isn't ready, could Livramento step in briefly?

  4. Audrey Hall

    We have needed a centre back with pace after last season.
    Dan to fill in.
    Livremento LB.
    We have no luck against Livarpool at all,home or away.

  5. Ian Steventon

    As for the Eddie stuff , if Harvey Barnes done what he should have done and squared ball to Wilson, everyone would be saying excellent substitutions. Fine margins…

  6. Ian Steventon

    Let's hope the boy is only gonna be out a few weeks , the club wouldn't say if its a bad injury a few days before the transfer window closes..

  7. Guy Jackson

    I am annoyed at the reaction of some fans, an amazing progression of the whole club and 3 games into the season some fans are acting like spoiled brats. I thought we could go to City and win, I expected us to beat Liverpool but not gonna gripe about a couple of bad results, FFS it's football, it happens.

  8. Chris Lovell

    I wouldn't write Maguire off. If he had time to get fit I think he would return to his former form. We've seen it with so many 'dead wood' newcastle players who are now first team wonders. The downside ofc is we are looking for a quick fix and Maguire isnt going to be that

  9. Sledgehuk

    Huge miss the big botman … I know the boss is saying he is not fit but perhaps start the youngster hall on the left, with targett as back up or vice versa … Burn to cover … not sure the worry is there, i think the midfield needs to fire and for us to put the chances away just my opinion though

  10. Irish-Toon

    Targett should only leave if we get cover for Botman, otherwise Burn will have to cover and leave Hall short of cover at LB. So i would keep him as a bench warmer and sell in January.

  11. Irish-Toon

    I think everyone is quite harsh on Maguire, yes it did not work for him at Man Utd, however he has been class for England and when he was at Leicester, I think he would do a good job for us, but a loan only with no condition to purchase at the end of the season.

  12. Lilly pad Gaming

    Personally I wouldn’t be opposed to maguire coming on loan, at his best he’s still very good and maybe with a different environment around him he could get back to his best.

  13. ☆𝔍𝔬𝔥𝔫 ℜ𝔲𝔡𝔡𝔶☭

    Maguires an option if eddie and everyone else wants serious questions asked of them.

  14. John Burton

    Personally I would 100% take Maguire as Eddie/Jason etc…would transform him into the defender he was for Leicester. However, there is no way he would come and play a bit part. He would want regular first team football and not to sit on bench and play now and then.

  15. Ian A

    Good update as usual, thanks Paul. Looks as though Botman might only miss one game with a bit of luck and the international break, which is great news. Maguire would be a very expensive bench warmer and I don’t think anyone knows what kind of player we would be getting.

  16. Dave bulman

    What about livramento on left this weekend, we spent alot on him. Be interesting to see burn play centrback , he hasnt had a run in that position in long time. Really looking forward to eventually seeing gordon and hall on left together

  17. Robbeer

    Sorry paul disagree im gonna have re evaluate my take on anderson i had hi hopes for him, but him choosing scotland tells me he doesn't believe he will reach levels i had hoped he would.

  18. David Hughes

    I scowled first of all at the thought of HM coming to us,,,but on further thought he is PL embedded at a top side (I don't get pleasure in calling Manure that) and like you said he was on good form at Leicester so there is a player in there, he may be good cover for the rest of the season because Fate forbid we will get injuries with the demands of all the games this season. All the best

  19. Bryan Scott

    Last night. I'm sorry. But I'm not also. I'm with the lads but I conducted myself wrong. And that's what the apology is for hahha

    Big up Paul, all

  20. Airyed

    I would let Targett he looked like a player who had enough tbh let him go to Fulham we shouldn't be messing around with a player who could go and play regularly and I think Marco Silva is a cracking coach

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