Welcome back to The Toon Review, your daily source for all things Newcastle United and football-related news! In today’s episode, Paul delves into the latest developments that have been making headlines both on and off the pitch.

First up, Paul discusses the thought-provoking sportswashing demonstration that took place outside the iconic St. James’ Park. He takes a closer look at why it’s essential to maintain the purity of football as a sport, free from the influence of politics. It’s a topic that has sparked passionate debates among fans worldwide, and Paul gives you his unique perspective on the matter.

But that’s not all – we’ll also be addressing the glaring hypocrisy surrounding the Premier League, shedding light on some of the intriguing double standards that often go unnoticed.

In today’s transfer update, we dive into the potential departure of club captain Jamal Lascelles for Saudi Arabia. Will he stay, or will he go? Tune in for the news on this crucial development and what it could mean for the future of our beloved club.

And as always, Paul will wrap up with a roundup of all the other latest news from Newcastle United and beyond. We’ve got all the hot topics covered, so you won’t want to miss a minute of this episode.

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  1. Dave Moore

    And the US still enforces the death penalty but that's fine because they are white and supposedly Christian methinks? Russian teams have played in the Champions league, anyone fancy a stay in a Gulag?

  2. Vorteks

    1000% couldn't agree more with you Paul. PIF are doing their absolute best to make positive moves for all, the political argument should not be projected through our club's business or environment. All such related issues need to go through the correct political systems and activists should not be trying to gaslight fans and try and influence them with their own agenda.

  3. Bryan Scott

    I don't go to the games. I just don't like crowds. Thinking about going to the lasses games. Smaller arena. Anyway my point is. That's the only reason I'm not going to the saudi game but ill watch. Don't like going to crowed areas.

  4. the crimson lip

    The veterans on the street should be a bigger concern then what our football club is doing 🤦‍♂️ & I hope Steve harper has a speedy recovery 🙏

  5. jabbydodger

    Paul spot on lad well said this supposedly called Newcastle United supporter (John) will be 100% getting funded for this bullshit woke demonstration he needs to look at our own fucked up country before he has a go at our fantastic new owner prince Mohammed bin Salman he should be given the freedom of Newcastle and a Nobel Peace Prize these idiot woke sheep demonstrators haven't a clue what is going on in the world today

  6. Kevin Bell

    The driving force at the club isnt the Saudis, it's Amanda and Mehdad and Jamie, they're bringing this dream to life, the PIF are supporting, of course they are, but shouldnt be the main focus at the club under any circumstances. It's a story for the sake of making a story. these issue have been around for years and will continue to be unfortunately, it seems like morality is only an issue when it suits a certain narrative or headline and nothing to do with the Club. Well said Paul.

  7. Gospel British Isles

    Christian street preachers have their human rights regularly violated in the UK. I should know, having been on the receiving end of this seven times now. Keep politics out of football. I love to watch the Toon and many other matches to relax/unwind. The politics just gets on my nerves. Kick it out, please.

  8. Lee Anderson

    Well said and completely agree with you Paul. I’d be happy to take the risk and sell Lacelles he’s pushing 30 out of contract soon. January is not that far away. Get well soon Steve.

  9. Tony Dalton

    It used to be the principal in all sports not to allow any politics at all. No agendas' at all either. A lot of our manufacturing is sold to Saudi too.

  10. Stephen Donathy

    You’re 100% right Paul. Why don’t they demonstrate against American ownership they inject prisoners with poison not to mention dropped atomic bombs on Japanese women and children. What about Chinese owners with the hundreds of thousands of people in concentration camps or Russian, say no more. Where are the demonstrators outside the Etihad? Just more woke lefty scum with nothing better to do.

  11. Ten8ciousG

    totally agree i would love to know what all these people live like do they avoid everything that has some tainted money entangled with it because we pretty much live in a buy n large economy where 90% of things we do, buy, watch, drive have some kind of monopoly tied with it that you don't agree with. And your bang on they have a problem with saudi take it up with the people that deal with it… Number 10 downing street. cheers paul much love Peace

  12. Jan Lievens

    Paul by issuing a Video like this you are playing in there interest, and this is the problem in the media for the UK, you do not see this in other countries why do you give them 1 sec. off your time this way you play there game don't do it .Its like the welsh we don't care how the treat there sheep.

  13. Karl Lambert

    Saudi playing on our ground and lascelles going are just building blocks for our club to move forward with the build , lascelles going will be a benefit come the next transfer market opening😎👍

  14. Kendo

    We must remain positive and jubilant… too many are trying to spoil other people’s joy… the amazing life changing developments in such a short time after enduring the nightmare years will never be forgotten

  15. Gary moffat blues

    Spot on paul, homelessness in this country, especially ex servicemen they actually sent to war to defend our freedom or however they spun it is a disgrace and personally if i was in charge i would be embarrassed.

  16. paul stephenson

    Playing devils advocate here ! How many of those looting thugs would be cleaning out shops in Oxford street if they had their hand chopped off for stealing ?

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