The Fall and Rise of Joelinton

In this video, James Allcott takes a look at the fall and rise of Brazil and Newcastle United forward turn-midfielder Joelinton.






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0:00 Prologue
0:24 Act I: The Boy From Brazil
2:35 Act II: The Plight of the Pidgeonholed
5:00 Act III: Redemption
7:40 Epilogue

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47 comentarios en “The Fall and Rise of Joelinton

  1. James Lawrence Allcott

    Lots of effort put into this one and I lost half a stone during the filming so any shares much much appreciated 👊❤️

  2. tsurumichan

    A joy to see. Initially baffling….mainly as he was signed directly after Benitez left…because Benitez was not funded well at all. And then,..suddenly 40m quid for an unknown in England. And,…..didnt start well. The overall change in them all, into excelling, is best symbolized by Joelinton

  3. Julius Caribou

    I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life. I remember disliking Joelinton intensely. He cost pretty penny and we didnt het a return for that investment in the form of goals. I remember going to the away FA Cup game at West Brom, seeing us go from 3-0 up to 3-2 up in the second half and watching him walk around the pitch with no energy or urgency. I felt so negatively towards him at that time. Now though, he is completely transformed and one of our best players, and one of the best midefielders in the league. So pleased for him and i have eaten some humble pie, as have many, in the process. I ❤ Big Joe

  4. Aylez

    He's physically incredible, great tackler, good in the air, excellent at running with the ball, and even managed 6 league goals last season. He's one of the most complete midfielders in the PL, reminds me so much of Mousa Dembele for Tottenham . WHAT. A. PLAYER.

  5. axeman14

    Good timing as it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m getting the Newcastle home kit with Joelinton 7 on the back and I never thought I would ever be doing that. He’s become my favourite player hands down.

  6. Kelly Maddison

    Really enjoyed this James, looking forward to more like it on other players if/when possible.

    Although I may be slightly (definitely) biased in my picks as two are ex nufc and two are current I think Mitro and Toney are decent shouts from how they were for us to what they've done since leaving (maybe not enough chances is a factor in Toney) – but then also Miggy & Schar especially based on last season from how they were previously viewed.

  7. Robin

    I think whoever made the animations/edits need a small geography lesson, Wien in in Czechia?
    Other than that a great video about one of the best redemptions in football.

  8. Joshua Logan-ross

    He's such an integral player for newcastle and an absolute cult hero in Newcastle now.

    He took it upon himself to hire personal trainers and digital analysts to improve his game under Steve Bruce as he could see the lack of coaching and fitness levels was leaving him behind.
    He has worked so hard and never ever gave up, even in the tough years, to get to where he is now.

    It's been a rough start for newcastles new look midfield this season and he has played every game whilst carrying an injury (again showing his commitment to the club) it's time for Eddie to give him a small break or hopefully the international break will have allowed him to recuperate.

    He does his best work when he dovetails along the left hand side with a winger. Or himself as a left winger.
    He and Joe willock have a brilliant understanding together on that left hand side where possible.

    I so hope he can maintain fitness in time for the champs league, because he deserves every success and to show the world how good he can actually be in midfield. He is powerful, hard working beyond belief, fast, actually a good passer of the ball and very good with his decision making. His only downfall is composure when he gets in the box.
    But his first touch and close control is better than people expect.

    Can't wait to see him perform at his best against the champs league elite.

  9. infinity :D

    He went from being a complete flop and the worst in his position to scoring on his Brazil debut and being one of the best in his position

  10. Adam Howells

    James is absolutely spot on, that Norwich game unearthed an absolute monster in midfield. He has never looked back and is what Newcastle fans love. Someone who works hard for the team, always puts a shift in!

  11. eddiemackalicious

    IMO… also to add to why the reception to Bruce's appointment was so lukewarm… that Ashley essentially pushed Rafa Benitez out after Rafa kept us for two seasons on a shoestring budget after getting us out of the Championship.

    As I understood it… after being told for months that money was limited, Joelinton was put to Rafa (he had final say on transfers). Rafa wanted Salomon Rondon permanently and to put that money elsewhere. Neither side budged, Rafa left when his contract was up.

    Bruce saw what the hierarchy saw in Joelinton (and allegedly was less willing to put his foot down), so the move got done.

    I'd like to think however that if Rafa had Joelinton he too would have seen what Howe (and Julian Nagelsmann) saw and been able to get the best out of him…

    Loved this video! 👍🏾

  12. Geordie Dee

    Great video, that game against Man Utd was one of the best midfield performances I’ve seen🔥🔥 definitely worth checking out on Newcastle’s channel

  13. Spooony

    Nice video James. As a Newcastle fan Joelinton is my favourite current player and watching him get a Brazil call up got me a wee bit emotional.

  14. Mat Armstrong

    Absolutely love him, what a change in a player that deserves it. The red card Clark got against Norwich which pulled him into midfield changed his career. Now a top midfielder in Europe and back in the Brazil team ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️✌️

  15. Andrew Charlton

    As much as Newcastle fans love the entertainer type of player we’ve always had a huge amount of respect for players who graft and work hard for the team. Joelinton epitomises that hard working mentality both on and off the field. Howe spotted something in Big Joe but the amount of work he put in behind the scenes to improve his fitness, physicality and understanding of the new role has to be commended. He deserves all of the plaudits he’s receiving and I’m so pleased he’s made it into the Brazil squad too.
    Great video Jim, we know you love Joelinton nearly as much as we do.

  16. The Gray Explorer

    Clark getting sent off that game was weirdly the best thing that happened to Newcastle since the takeover. Big Joe is a firm fan favourite

  17. Richard Sainsbury

    Loved the video. As a Newcastle fan, nothing brings me more joy than seeing this man get the recognition he deserves. One slight criticism of the video. You got his name wrong. It's spelt Goatlinton. Howay the lads 🖤🤍

  18. Jimmy boon

    Finally James! I love you and it breaks my heart when you put us 9th😂😂😂 I just want you to love Newcastle as much as I love you

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