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Get ready for another exciting episode of Face The Lads as we dive deep into the world of Newcastle United! The international break is finally behind us, and our focus is now squarely on the Magpies’ upcoming clash against Brentford this weekend. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽

In this special second episode of the week, we’ll be dissecting all things black and white. The burning questions on everyone’s minds: What side will Eddie Howe select for this crucial match? Are there tactical changes on the horizon? 🤔

But here’s the best part – YOU get to be a part of the discussion! Join us live on the show to have your say, share your predictions, and discuss all things Newcastle United. Your opinions matter, and we want to hear them! 🗣️💬

So, set your reminders for this must-watch episode of Face The Lads. The Toon Review has you covered for all the latest insights, analysis, and fan discussions. Don’t miss out – be there with us live! 🔥📢

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34 comentarios en “Face The Lads! | Brentford Special

  1. mral nufc

    First congrats on 23k. Second all you guys are brilliant best football channel on YouTube. Alex's stats are the most in depth on YouTube luv you guys

  2. B Taylor

    I absolutely love your shows Paul, Billy and Alex and really appreciate all the time and effort you all put in. Unfortunately a*seholes will appear from time to time, dont let them get you down, you all do sterling work and our community love you all for it. ❤🖤🤍🖤🤍

  3. jock barr

    On catch up im backing Alex he puts so much work into what he does and i for one appreciate what he does ive met some arrogant people in my life but Alex isnt one of them keep up the great work guys

  4. David Howard

    Alex is the numbers and stat's guy, Mr Money Ball he just happens to view the Toon and potential incoming players in a more scientific and cerebral way. I can guarantee The toon backroom staff is filled with guys like him, its the modern game.. every part of the game on and off especially off is broken down from sleep, sports science, biometrics, diet etc the British Olympic cycling team was renowned for this approach, incremental improvement. As for the nay sayers all clubs have them, white noise. He passionate for the TOON can not be questioned.. The Toon experience is an emotional one, we all view it in our own unique way.. if people have left the channel, that is their choice. As for our start..its only 4 games, 2 seasons ago Arsenal lost their first 3 games… the Arteta out mob were in full voice..

  5. Nigel Baldwin

    🐝💤 are a small club with a massive ♥️. Five of us can’t go now, because the change of KO . All of us are out of pocket ‼️

  6. tim gill

    Ignore the haters Paul, you three guys have incredible chemistry, each one of you brings a unique edge to your content, Billy's passionate watch alongs, you as the strong, and very funny anchor and Alex as the statistical wonderboy. Alex knows his stuff, he is obviously working night and day on his stats. I think he is entitled to have strong opinions because of the massive amount of research he does which almost always proves him right. If people think he is arrogant it is because they can't beat him on knowledge and are too lazy to back up their half baked opinions. These "people" who want to troll your channel are simply an endorsement of your channel's success. You are in the public domain, like politicians people will form opinions about you while not really knowing you or the other guys personally. Keep it up guys

  7. Andre Wilson

    I’m gutted whenever i start to watch a show and Alex isn’t on.Don’t change a thing mate.Keep up the great work guys and absolutely love the amount of content you put out.

  8. Daniel Garrahan

    Alex is the guy who keeps me coming back to the channel. I suspect he has a future working for the Athletic if he wants it. Until then we should enjoy his contributions on TTR and ignore the wind up merchants

  9. Peter Dunn

    Not sure what the issue is with Alex, I live out here in Australia and I love this show and Alex is one of the big reasons for that! Anyone who doesn’t think these 3 guys have a great rapport and bounce off each other so well are just idiots! Keep up the great work lads, you’ll never see me unsubscribe x

  10. optimalforager

    This pile on against Alex is just stupid. People must be so fragile and they must never had a robust conversation in their lives if they think Alex's input is anything but positive and constructive. There are a lot of people around who have chips on their shoulders and too much time on their hands that they have to invent bollocks and try to cancel people for no reason…

  11. farmerboy2194

    Give me a few weeks and it be 5.30 am instead of 3.30 so i jump on. I think it be funny hearing me half asleep lol. Hope you guys are doing well

  12. Mark The Celt

    Must admit I find the banter between Paul and Alex as 2 passionate people. Love the banter Billy's jokes make me laugh.keep up the good work lads don't let the bastards grind you down

  13. Shaun watson

    Nicely explained boys, the Alex thing is defo OTT. He holds his opinions with strength, however if he is wrong (Which is rare.) he will admit it. At least he backs himself up with stats etc.

  14. Mathew Thomson

    The show wouldnt be the same without Alex. Brings a different personality to the show. Given he gets baited by a lot of people seeking a reaction, he does a great job keeping his composure. Id rather have a passionate supporter who has an opinion and sticks to it, than be a bandwagon supporter. In the last few months has also shown more of his humour, particulary the show where Paul had the hat on lol. Had an absolute crap week that week, and yous all had me in stitches. Thanks and keep it up guys.

  15. HHG Reselling

    Love Alex, I often think he should be on something like talksport, he's intelligent, informed, and puts across his thoughts brilliantly.

  16. paul stephenson

    Totally unfair to say Alex is arrogant, he continues to give his time and to be fair his very detailed opinions but he puts the hours in to make sure his opinions are valid! It’s up to us as subscribers to give Alex our opinions that are backed with as many facts as we can to challenge him. This channel would be totally crap if any of you guys gave in to others or stopped doing it.
    Please lads keep up the good work i love this channel but equally I love all of you guys and the different way you all view our brilliant club

  17. Irish toon

    I love Alex man, intelligent, attention to detail is unreal, as are you and Billy, never ever stop this show, haters gonna hate. We gonna rise 👊

  18. Jamie G

    Love Billy for the jokes and Paul's passion but Alex is the main reason I tune in to this channel. I like that he's opinionated and passionate but he is also informed and his considered analysis of our game is superb.

    I particularly enjoy the transfer shows when he researches different players and talks us through the stats. It's genuinely illuminating stuff. Too many people talk shite on the internet. Keep doing your thing, Alex

  19. Sir Winston Churchill

    Alex is the reason I watch this channel. Insight and real analysis is what he brings and the only people that dislike him are inadequates that are only here to have the smoke of their own stupidity blown up their arses. Searching out echo chambers to mask their own hopelessness from themselves. This kind of person is quite willing to lower the standards of everything to make themselves feel better. Especially anything of substance and merit. Low quality morons get arrogance and confidence confused and people like Alex make them chellenge who they see in the mirror and how they formed their opinions, if it is ever really their opinons at all. It's not Alex they dislike, it's their own weaknesses and failings. Pathetic. Don't call your cowardly pitchforks "opinions". You're just ignorant clowns. Unfortunately, in the modern world, these "people" are everywhere.

  20. Michael Parsons

    Facts Paul !!! I’ve never known subscribers to leave because some one is arrogant. Definitely it’s a witch hunt Paul . Don’t get vex mate let the haters leave ..simple .

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