Simon Jordan is FURIOUS Over the Suggestion of Eddie Howe's Job Being in Danger! 😠💥

Is Eddie Howe under pressure at Newcastle United? talkSPORT’s Jim White and Simon Jordan have their say!

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46 comentarios en “Simon Jordan is FURIOUS Over the Suggestion of Eddie Howe's Job Being in Danger! 😠💥

  1. alan scott

    the fans in the stadium will let him know when he is under pressure not youtubers and twitter critters. one thing he has shown is that he can fix bad results on the training ground with hard work eddie howe will be fine

  2. shellsbignumber2

    Newcastle will be fine. Newcastle had a really tricky run of fixtures. City away, Liverpool who always seem to beat them and Brighton Away.

  3. Nick Seabright

    Hardest start out of all Prem teams by far. Let’s have this chat after 10 games and then let’s talk about Ten Hag, Dyche and the rest ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

  4. slackAlice

    The wheels have fell off ,last season was just a fluke ,adrenalin was running high ,now back to normal getting beat every week 😂😂

  5. Richy Hat

    Craig Hope… what a croc he is, desperate to create division within the club… anyway I've supported Newcastle since the days of Stan Seymour…imagine how many managers I've seen them play under!!! so what Eddie Howe has brought with him to Newcastle United is nothing short of fantastic, how anyone could be putting that kind conversation into the ring is just ludicrous "Madness" 4 games in…

  6. Corfie

    I think Newcastle had 7 points after 6 games last season, they currently have 3 points from 4, Brentford at home and then Sheffield United next, a good possibility of 6 points from those 2 games, in 2 games time people will be saying Newcastel are actually in a better points position than last season with harder fixtures.

  7. Neil Fletcher

    Well said Simon Jordan. As Newcastle fans we absolutely love the job he and his team are doing. Win lose or draw we are hopefully all going on the journey long term together!

  8. Mark A

    Media have been trying to stir up shite over Eddie since Liverpool and all he is doing is coming out and putting the record straight. And it's nice Similin called out Craig for what he is 👏

  9. Matt Price

    As it stands 50% want a replacement for Eddie and the other half want him to stay. Ludicrous talk from keyboard warriors and fifa23 potatoes. Clueless. Eddie is the heartbeat of the club now. Bruno, joe, tonali, just one player up top near the box, Wilson benched, (see heat map for details) haven’t good stats so far this season. Example, one of the leagues lowest at passes and touches in the opponents box compared to high last season so it’s pretty clear (not for our deluded lot mind). Big players haven’t turned up. They have for Brazil, etc but haven’t shifted a gear for us. The Man City game was late at night, we weren’t awake. Don’t care who disagrees the main issue was energy and foden and also a World Cup winners finish. Liverpool did the smash and grab because they sensed blood, we got sloppy, tired. Eased off. Brighton game was only a few days after. Long trip. Then when they warmed up our players just didn’t look energised and up to it. That’s what happened. Look, don’t blame subs, or Eddie, blame the big names we have that didn’t turn up much. It’s that simple. However we have a good record at home against Brentford and we can go on a run with our next few fixtures domestically. With Europe matches in between just to stick the knife in a bit. Fans expected and pundits a bit too much. The Villa game was easy. But, the last 3 we played weren’t and had our big names turned up who knows. This has to stop, all this Eddie out talk and that he’s been found out, YOU ARE NOT right upstairs! That’s not emotional and anger it’s foolishness. These fans are in real danger of derailing our entire season and undoing our work if they speak up all the time and moan about Eddie. The issues we have is we think we are a match for anyone in Europe – okay – when our key players perform we can be. Bruno and Joe were good with Brazil, but so far haven’t seen enough. Isak started twice for Sweden so he’s not rested either. Schar, benched but travelled. Etc etc. So this break hasn’t actually been a break for some. And Brentford so far have been decent, they score goals! That’s away as well! If we can beat Brentford, if, then this will settle folk, confidence will come. Same against Sheff United who are tough in Sheffield. Same with Burnley, West Ham, palace. Every game is tough. Joe said it to you all two days before the Liverpool match the league is harder than people think. You don’t always have things your own way. Last season we lost to Man City and Liverpool. Then went on another run. So..,, we can do this in the league with our next fixtures. Eddie and the side want to stay grounded. They’ll keep they mentality. They won’t panic like you all do. They’ll be eager. So let’s wait. But saying Eddie out and our formation etc. cmon. The moral of the story is – stop being a complete a******e.

  10. Geordie Dread TV ⚫️⚪️

    Shocking to even have a journo ask the chairman if they have the backing of Howe cos of 3 losses in a row to 3 difficult teams bar 1 very bad performance. We need to block out the noise. Absolute madness.

  11. Billy bob Thornton

    Yet another confected media narrative. Every Newcastle fan I've seen talk or talked to directly about this is united in saying that Howe should keep the job for the foreseeable.

    Additionally, there seems to be an assumption that the owners want success now and that they'll chuck him if they don't get Europe this season – I would just ask where the evidence is for this because I simply haven't seen any 🤷

  12. Christian Larsen

    Highly unlikely. We are only 4 games into the season. We played Aston Villa, Man City, Liverpool and Brighton who were all in the top 7 last season and are very good teams.

  13. Gary Wallace

    Newcastle lost to Brighton royally. However, losing to City at the Etihad, a smash and grab by the spawny Scousers…is hardly critical. Where was Klopp, this time last season?

  14. Astrologia e Audiobooks

    I think Eddie Howe made a bad choice going for Gordon and Harvey Barnes on the wings. It will cost him goals as the season goes on.

  15. andrew harrison

    its typical media spin, something talksport has been guilty of many times before (apart from backing bruce as if he was our pep) – he was asked a question as simon outlined. We have a new midfield, so are too open – ironically sandro might be missing through injury, meaning longstaff can fill the gap & give bruno the freedom his game needs

  16. DJ Yentonian

    The stupid thing is, if Newcastle finished 6th or 7th last season, then there be no suggestion of this whatsoever. Howe shouldn't become a victim of his own success by being sacked due to previously overachieving.

  17. Tom Jenkins

    If Howe got sacked as a Newcastle fan, I would be furious. He’s done an unbelievable job. We have hit a tiny bit of rough form, get a grip people! He’s been fantastic for us! HWTL! ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

  18. Chris C

    I'm a Newcastle fan and everyone I know personally would be furious if Howe got sacked. We are all talking about this 'bad' start to the season and yet last season we finished 4th and got beat off Man City away 2-0 (this season it was 1-0) we got beat off Liverpool at home 2-0 (this season it was 2-1) we drew with Brighton 0-0 last season but we were getting absolutely battered that game and were lucky to come away with a point… so we are 2 points worse off if you compare the two seasons.. it's hardly a bad start is it? More like a tough run of games.

  19. Rangerha3334

    They’ve had a great season last year, maybe over achieved with that squad. They’ll have a good season this year just not as good as the last.

  20. Slice12

    It’s too early now but there’s no doubt the Saudi’s will look to replace Howe if things become stagnant. He won’t be given the time.

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